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Disrupting the Balance (Shen X Akali)

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Ok, so things didn't go so well Thursday or today. Yesterday, I was fixing a flat on my car, I fell and sprained my wrist pretty badly and wasn't able to type very quickly. I was going to write earlier, but I'm trying to find a place to move, so that took a good chunk of the day. I'll try to have the chapter out by tomorrow hopefully. It was just a really inconvenient time to hurt myself. My wrist is a lot better now and I'll get to finishing the chapter as soon as I post this second update.

Sorry for the wait.

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Chapter 10: An Old Friend

“I insist,” Akali’s cold tone and stare was what caved the man in. He took the money from her hand and closed the door almost too quickly. She flipped the hood of her cloak as to not be recognized by any Noxian citizens. Having no face to the citizens of Valoran was a luxury only Shen had. Kennen mimicked her action and the two began their walk.

“You didn’t have to threaten him,” Kennen said after a few feet of walking.

“Has Shen taught you not to owe anyone favors yet?” Akali inquired.

“Not yet…”

“Don’t owe anyone favors.”

Kennen was about to ask why not, but they heard a scream coming from one of the shops behind them. A man ran past them with a loaf of bread. Akali twisted her foot, tripping the Noxian thief and sending him to the ground. Before the thief could get up, two guards ran up and apprehended him. Akali merely walked past the scene as one of the guards pulled a hatchet from his hand as the other held the man’s hands on the ground. Kennen looked back, but after hearing metal striking stone followed by a cry of pain, he turned back to face his destination. He looked up at his colleague.

“Why did you trip him?” He asked

“Reasons,” she responded.

“Is it because stealing messes with the balance?”

“No, I just don’t like Noxians.”

The two continued their venture. The city itself was actually quite beautiful, in its own morbid way. Dried blood stained the stones of the street and most of the people passing by didn’t even bother caring. Disease ridden humans sat feebly on the streets, not even a whimper of concern coming from their peers.

The two passed a guard without a worry until he called out to them. “HEY!” The armored man shouted. The two ninjas stopped dead in their tracks as they turned around towards the guard. No one seemed to notice as the sky began to darken with thick clouds. Kennen’s mouth twisted into a lopsided smile.

“What do you think you are doing here yordle?!” The guard said, grabbing Kennen by the collar and lifting him off the ground.

“I assure you, sir, he is a friend of mine. He will cause no tr-“ the back of the guard’s hand struck Akali square in the face. She stumbled, unprepared for the strike. When her balance returned, she was about to show the guard the meaning of pain, but Kennen flashed a smile at her, telling her to stay her hand for the bit.

“I didn’t ask you, did I?!” The guard shouted. His face turned back to Kennen who was still smiling. “What are you smiling at, yordle?!”

“Zap,” he whispered. Before the guard could question further, a lightning bolt struck the guard, killing him almost instantly. “How unfortunate,” Kennen said as his feet hit the ground. The onlookers stared wide-eyed at Kennen. “Anyone else want to ask what I’m doing here?” No one said a word and continued with their business. “That’s what I thought.” Rain began to fall from the sky as the two continued their venture.


Katarina opened the door to her father’s study, finding Shen still at the desk. “No more flying daggers I presume?” He asked without looking up at the assassin. A stack of journals sat on the desk. The ninja appeared to be writing down on a piece of paper; notes, Katarina believed.

The assassin grunted in response, “Don’t be too sure,” she said as she approached him. “I told the cooks to make enough for an extra mouth. As much as it pains me to say it, you are welcome to it.”

Shen didn’t even so much as smile as he looked up, “I’ll be down soon,” he replied before looking back down at the journal. Katarina shrugged her shoulders and began to walk away. “Katarina,” Shen called out as she reached the doorway.


“I thank you for showing me hospitality, even if it is so much as not having me killed,” Shen said to her. Katarina narrowed her eyes at him. Was he intentionally trying to piss her off or was he just being kind? “It’s apparent how much you distrust me and I can assure you, that your instincts are wrong. I agreed to help Talon, and that is it. I do not care for these petty wars the countries wage upon each other. I do not care what happened to your father. I guarantee you, had my organization did care about these wars, you would feel such wrath that even Kayle would fear,” Shen’s calm demeanor was haunting to say the least, even to the Noxian who feared nearly nothing.

Katarina grunted again before looking downward, “Don’t try and scare me. I’m above mediocre intimid-“she was cut off when she noticed Shen was no longer sitting at her father’s desk. When she had looked up, he was completely gone. Her brow furrowed, “*******,” she muttered before stomping off.


Akali and Kennen navigated the streets of Noxus, looking for any sign of Shen. “Do you have any sort of clues that could lead him to us?” Kennen asked after a long morning of not finding their friend. Akali shook her head.

“Had I any idea where he would be, don’t you think I would have told you?”

Kennen looked down, “You do keep a lot of secrets….” He grumbled. Akali shot him an evil look which made him smile, “I’m just kidding, geez take a chill pill. What are you? Preg- oh yeah,” the yordle bursted into laughter as Akali gazed at him with eyes that could pierce a man’s soul.

“Say one more thing and I swear I will step on you,” she growled. Kennen stopped his outburst, but still chuckled since he could not completely terminate his laugh. It wasn’t long before the pair found themselves in the slums of the city. For some reason, they felt…watched.

“You feel it too? The eyes on the back of your neck?” Kennen whispered. Akali nodded her agreement. The deeper they went into the slums, the more deserted the streets became until the street was completely empty. The only people Kennen and Akali could see were the ones peeking from their windows.

The two became more cautious of their surroundings. Neither of them could shake off the feeling of someone watching them. “We need to go separate ways, but still be close enough to respond to each other,” Akali whispered. “I’ll go left, you go right. We’ll see who is the one really being followed.”

At the very next intersection, the two of them went their separate ways. Akali still held that feeling that she was being watched while Kennen felt free of the eyes staring at them. The female ninja couldn’t exactly guess who it was that had been following her, but when she turned, she saw a familiar assassin.

“It’s been a while…far too long,” Shaco said, his grin still haunting to Akali. “Oh, did I surprise you? Not expecting ol’ Shaco to find you?”

“What do you want?” Akali questioned, pulling her kamas out and readying for a confrontation.

“Oh nothing really, it’s just been so…boring around here lately that I was even entertained that you would even come to this city in the first place,” Shaco disappeared in a puff of orange smoke. “I know why you are here,” he whispered in Akali’s ear from behind.

Immediately she turned, slashing, but did not catch the jester. Shaco laughed, now standing in his original place. “I hear there is trouble at the DuCoutaue…DuCautiea…DuCoutireams….Katarina’s manor! Something about a ninja…I’m not exactly sure what it is but I bet that it involves your honey somehow. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you, how did you survive?”

Shaco’s question was rather easy to answer, “None of your business,” Akali replied coldly.

“Oh Akali, you hurt me so dearly,” he mocked a sad face before it sprung up into a smile again, “Don’t worry deary, I don’t plan on stabbing you again anytime soon. I have others who occupy my time at the moment and sorry for the let down, but you aren’t one of them. That being said, I do believe your dearest is in need of your help. I’d hop over to that manor quick as a bunny of I were you!” With that, Shaco disappeared from Akali’s sight. The feeling of being watched no longer lingered in her mind.

Is Shen really being held at the DuCouteau Manor? She asked herself. At this time, Kennen appeared from an alleyway opening.

“Did you find anything?” Kennen asked as he approached Akali.

“Yeah, I know where Shen is,” Akali replied.

“Well I guess that means there is only place to go.”

So yeah, the reason this took so long is because I'm actually working on a completely different story. It's not related to League or any other game honestly. It's completely my own idea. Also, The Binding of Isaac, epic game. If you like the very old Legend of Zelda games, I highly recommend it. Anyway, here is the latest chapter, hope you enjoy as always.

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Sly Pooper



You are a great writer, I think it would make shen more badass if you made him a bit more threatening.

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I've been meaning to post here for a while (since for some reason I wasn't allowed to post in the forums until resetting the cookies / cache), but really nice story you have going on here. Although I'm not a huge fan of the whole "person1 x person2" bit, I've enjoyed what you've come up with so far. Keep up the good work!

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I ♥ Akali
My favourite quote by her so far: "No I just don't like Noxians"
+1 for dat

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Nice story. Cant wait for more!

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Gonna tie in the new champion in somehow?

Would be way cool.

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now that the new champ Zed(surprise! It's the Dark ninja) who seems related to Shen very very deeply has been introduced, things probably will get even more exciting once he appears...

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Ok so it's been a while since I've actually even given an update. To be honest, I was writing a giant ending to this because I wanted to move forward, but then introduction of Zed has made me reconsider ending it just yet. However, going through this entire story without any mention of Zed has made me sad. I mean, the introduction of Zed has made so many things in my story so...unnatural. For example, when the black hooded figure asks Mordekaiser to kill Akali's child, why not ask Zed? Shen's ultimate rival and even a ninja at that! So, instead of updating this with another chunk of the story, I'm going to do some heavy...heavy...heavy editing to sort of snake Zed into the story. Also, I've grown dissatisfied with my choice of adding some elements to the story that really shouldn't be there. So I won't be updating this with a new chapter for a while, but I am going to edit what is already here to give a more compelling story rather than just talk out of my arse like I have been.

However! I will need to learn more about Zed's personality and what his real conviction is and all that characterization. So I won't be able to do really much with this story until I've gotten a good feel of him, which means having to buy him (yay). So, yeah, sorry for the hold up, but I'll get it done one way or another.

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An update! I'm happy!