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Bot Lane is the "Support" of Dominion

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There's nowhere better to carry a game from than the bottom lane.

Problem is, if top fails hard there's nothing you can do bottom lane. I've had games where I kill the other bottom a couple games, cap/neutralize their point on them several times, then get ganked repeatedly by someone from top because my team can't controll Windmill and the enemy can afford to send help. It often doesn't feel like I'm carrying ****, it actually feels like I might as well not be there because nothing I did mattered in the end. I never get offered switches unless I'm losing badly, usually my team is happy to ignore me until I die to a 1v2 and lose my point. I've pretty much stopping playing Dominion, because I like playing mages, mage tanks, and supports, but usually get sentenced to bottom lane stalemateville when I select one. Worse, I frequently find I get sucked into bottom lane when I go to cover it, and the previous bottom hightails it out of there; never to return. It's really an awful slot to be stuck in for soloq, once you're at the skill level that enemy laners can stalemate you. I wanted to play Dominion to AVOID farming hell. At least on SR turrets eventually go down and you can make progress.

So what can be done about it? I feel there's two issues affecting the state of this meta:
-Lack of objectives; there isn't enough reason for bottom to ever leave their lane, because all that matters to them are the bottom points. There's never a reason to go join a fight in the jungle, because there's nothing worth fighting for in there. There needs to be a major objective in there of some sort, important enough that ditching bottom and coming to help fight for it is worthwhile.

-It's too hard for bottom to get anywhere else quickly; it's easy for someone top to hit b, get healed, and quickly get to bottom, but the reverse isn't true. Even if you kill the enemy bottom, you have at most 20 seconds to go b, and try to get top to help. This simply isn't enough time. I propose bringing back Teleport into Dominion so bottom can hit b, heal up quick, and get to top. Or just directly teleport if you really did well and don't need to heal. Some would of course argue that simply taking the enemy bottom is more useful if you score a kill, however at higher levels of play your hold on bottom will be so temporary it's almost a waste of time. Why not have the option to make a windmill fight a 5v4 instead? I don't feel this would create outragous bottom ganks, as you get a huge warning when someone is teleporting in. Well, maybe. It would need testing.