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Rework the Elo system.

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I was think about something the other day. Why not rework the elo system to reflect more then just wins. If i am attempting to carry my team with a positive score and good CS due to active ganking and gameplay. Why can i recieve a positive elo instead of a loss when my team feeds the enemy team. You can win your lane and gank actively but you cant be everywhere at once. This is my problem. i feel that i am a player just getting unlucky and caught with players that just dont attempt to be better and i am paying the price for it. i was holding 1300 elo for a little while then went on a terrible teammate streak. i am now 1100 and just hating it.

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I went from that down to 1000, I win!!

j/k, but yea quite a few people have complained about the ELO system, play a champ that you can carry the whole team with, gank the enemy lanes that are winning so they don't get too far ahead, managing the team seems just as important as managing your own champ unfortunately

I'd point you towards the countless suggestions that have been posted to improve the ELO, but Riot seems to feel that ultimately the ELO system will average out your actual score. So... its looking unlikely that they will make changes too it

It probly will average out, it just takes a silly length of time, like over the span of 100 games I bet your score will average, look at every game as though you could have done something different to still have won. Then record replays and watch them, eventually you will reach the point where you can carry through the 13-14 hundreds like I assume the top ranked players do to consistently be on the top of the ELO boards.

You think your perfect, but even that could be the problem, push ur lane too far, the jungle can't gank it, take your easy lane for kills and let your ally face a poor skill or champ matchup for too long and that lane will carry the enemy team. Switch lanes if you are ahead and someone is failing.
Teamwork is probably the biggest aspect of this game, on the games where I have been able to get my team mates to cooperate and communicate without arguing it seems like we win or come close almost every time