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Summoner's Circle/Reporting players

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taco leet speek

Junior Member


I find it hard to believe that this is abused as much as it is. We all have good games and bad games, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes, though, you just get some overall, general meathead in a game and 20 minutes can't come fast enough. It gets even worse when that 20 minute mark comes, and the team you're stuck with is a premade who won't give it up.

Adding insult to injury, the team you're now stuck with until THEY finally decide to give up, or plain out lose, decides that you're the cause of the loss/feed/etc. Despite obvious facts that: a) they don't help anyone but themselves b) they cannot be reasoned with to provide a reasonable gaming experience c) they are doing worse than you stat and strategy wise, and despite your best efforts YOU are to blame or (my personal favorite) d) overcompensate for the lack of team effort, get into a situation you didn't plan on, receive absolutely no help from your apparent 'teammates' and get blamed for feeding. Even better when your 'team' decides they need to include the other team in getting you reported.

I've played quite a few games. Alot in fact. I know I'm not always the best at every character, and what I plan doesn't always work out. I do, however, play to win, and I'll work on whatever strategy seems to accomplish that goal. If we all did the exact same thing, every single game, like some players expect you to do, then we might as well all log off and let the bots do the fighting for us. I also know when it's a hopeless venture, not worth continuing. Some of you do not.

That being said, and with the above example my point is this: When you threaten to report someone for your own self-satisfying need to be recognized, you, in fact are creating the very grief you are accusing the other person of regardless of form. Inflammatory comments spewed across chat ( in one language or another) just breeds hostility and will generally only escalate an already poor situation. Same can be said when it comes from the other team. In competitive situations you are bound to have some level of aggression between opposing teams. Why act surprised when the comments you generate only get you back the same, or higher, level of hostility?

If Riot is going to allow everyone and their dog to report anyone on any given whim, and have the same level of mentality judge those cases for further review, then I think it's time they start adding a better system of filtration in the game. Profanity filter is there for a reason - you don't like the language, don't turn it off. Maybe just kill those words that are grief and profane altogether? You can type it, but it doesnt get displayed regardless. I'm talking about the other words, too, like noob, derp, etc. How about disabling chat between teams? WoW doesn't allow for it - sure you can gesture and the speech is translated into garbage, but the trash talk is immediately cut....
Lastly, don't provide a chat log as the only basis for judgement. There's usually ALOT more going on in game, than what gets read or typed into chat. Being judged on what some a**hole decided to type into chat, and have his buddies agree to and the subsequent report is hardly fair judgement. You want to judge someone, watch the replay, bet you there's more to the story than just the log.

And lastly, don't sit in game and excuse your actions/comments with a threatened report. Either do it or don't, but don't poke at someone with it. That and have a solid good reason to do it beyond your own pettiness. For all the people that take the time to go get your free IP from judging cases, AT LEAST READ the whole report, and better yet, try and read into some of what is happening. Just because someone said something on chat doesn't mean it happened like they described.

Remember: your level of communication with a person is only ever going to be as good as how you start your interaction with them. Start with ****, expect it back and take it. Don't use report as a weapon to further your own grief.