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STOP telling me what summoner spells to use.

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And stop telling everyone else, especially if you add "don't you watch the pros" as a justification. Just stop.

"The pros" are coordinating on Vent or Teamspeak or such. They are playing together day in and day out, learning strengths and playstyles. They are researching other teams they will be facing to find out what *their* strengths and weaknesses and playstyles are. They have played hundreds, if not thousands, of games more than you have. They have top of the line hardware, usually specially made for gaming, and stable connections and low ping and FPS.

They are not solo q'ing through elo hell.

You want an exhaust on the team? You take it. You want a CV? You take it. You want an ignite, YOU F'ING TAKE IT, and stop with the ******tery.

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Derp. Except that in certain scenarios certain summoners are better for your lane/overall team than others.

I'll give you some examples:
You running ignite as let's say vsing a Udyr with a melee. Go exhaust.
You running heal on a support when the lane is going to be a passive farm fest (e.g. soraka lane). If the AD carry wants you to grab exhaust instead, it would be more beneficial at times.

Instead of simply shooting people's suggestions down, ask yourself why it isn't a good suggestion and think about why it is. Then you weigh your personal factors in (at least that way you can prepare yourself for whichever option and adjust your playstyle slightly) and make a decision.