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Are you guys planning on tweaking some masteries for dominion?

I mean, Demolitionist, Scout and Siege Commander are instantly useless for dominion (unless there's a ninja buff that I'm unaware of)
(no idea whether Scout also affects traps such as Jitb or shrooms)

Sage and Mercenary are also somewhat abysmal (even in SR)
I mean
Mercenary: 12 gold bonus per kill/assist. yea sure, dominion nets a lot of kills and assist, but 12 gold each is just unbelievably low considering dominion aura grants 26 gold per 5 seconds.

Sage: 20 bonus XP per kill/assist. again, with dominion's passive XP aura, this is just nuts.
I cannot find the rate of XP granted from Crystal Scar aura so enlighten us. In 5v5 arab dominions, I noticed that a single dying minion gives around 4-7 XP when 5 people in a team are around.
That's just...

some other masteries' usefulness are also questionable albeit still arguably be decent or helpful
(Meditation, Wealth, Greed, probably also minion related masteries)
(yea yea, I know masteries are supposed to be miniscule or minute, but come on, at least fix some masteries that are instantly useless in Crystal Scar)