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[Game] minor - Display errors on scoreboard

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Junior Member


Bug Description:
Dominion Capture point icos appear at odd places in the Scoreboard for summoner's rift.

Repro rate:
1/1, with one other in the same game with the same issue.

Repro steps:
1) Create Custom game on Summoner's Rift
2) Launch game
3) Open scoreboard throughout the course of the game

Other notes:
I didn't notice this at the start of the game, it wasn't until later that I noticed, which could be because It wasn't arround earlier. Further testing needed to find the conditions that cause this error. Picture attached is the scoreboard in game. Note the dominion capture point icons in the middle top of the scoreboard and about the K/D/A collumn.

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QA Lead


Interesting, thanks for the bug report.