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Starting a S2 circuit team. Go4LoL and beyond!

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Rage Nation

Senior Member


Your application should look like this:

Summoner name:

L Evoke NerdRage

Name: Jeremy
Age: 24
Location: Spokane Washington

Highest Ranked Solo Elo: 1746
Current Ranked Solo Elo: 1698

Top 5 champions:

Nidalee, Malzahar, Singed, Graves, Sion.

From 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) Rate your comfort level in the following areas:
Top: 10
Middle: 8
Bot: 7
Jungle: 7

Please describe your strengths as a team-member:

My strengths include an overwhelming knowledge of top lane meta as well as a strong core of general game knowledge that allows me to play all roles competently. I'm not afraid to break out of the mold so to speak and do something crazy. I have an overwhelming desire to be the best at everything that I do and that shows in my unrivaled dedication to practice and theorycraft.

What are your short and long term goals for League of Legends? Why?

My short term goal is to form a team of respectful level headed players to break into the competitive scene in LoL. I want to find other like-minded players that have a certain level of team loyalty and drive for improvement. My long term goals are to raise my own current skill level as well as those around me to the level needed to achieve a certain level of success in the LoL circuit.

What is your availability? How much do you play League (daily). When?

I will clear absolutely any plans/schedule for team relations. I play anywhere from 15-20 games of league per day. (Note; I will not miss burning man, the birth of my child (She's not preggo (I hope)), or my girlfriend's annual birthday vacation for league.) My play range varies but I prefer to play at night anywhere from 6pm to 6am west coast.

What kind of hardware are you rocking?
Asus G-73
8gb ram
4gb video ram (ati HD 5870)
Razer Naga @1800dpi

Final notes:
Vent and Skype are required (I'm not sure which one I like more right now so we'll say both to be sure) working/high quality mic is required.

100% Sunday availability is a must at this point because Go4LoL is the first of many stepping stones.

Get at me,

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Laughing Bull

Junior Member


Wish you weren't so far away. I'm in florida.