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What do you do....

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Malcolm Tucker



playing solo queue, bot lane loses every single game... can't win a game because no matter how I perform bot lane always loses so ridiculously hard. The enemy team always seems to have a natural advantage over my team and they all seem to know what they are doing, my team on the other hand, doesn't seem to know what to do in certain situations, pick really bad champs in queue, or just always lose their lane. ive played almost 800 ranked games, and i still get matched up with people who have played 1 ranked game. its impossible to get out of this, i went from 1400 to 1170 simply because I couldn't win a single game. I don't know what to do, i play every role, mainly top or jungle, i mostly do good every game in my lane, or i perform very well in the jungle, but theres always something blocking me from getting through. what do you do when your vayne alistar lane is losing to ezreal soraka? vayne is 0/5, alistar is 0/3, and regardless of the early double kill i get on their lane after vayne dies for the first time, ezreal is absolutely dominating the game. I gank bot lane, get a double kill, but at that point they're so far behind I can't do anything. is anyone else having this problem? when i play bot lane, i do good job of it, but it means someone else must take on the role of top or jungle, which they usually perform poorly at. i dont know what to play, what to do when bot lane is 100 cs behind at 20 minutes. another thing is the ad carry ALWAYS GETS CAUGHT.... Like seriously, late game, its sad how little map awareness everyone has. caitlyn auto pushes the lane to the enemy inner turret and dies to a gank at 50 minutes in the game. they end up pushing down the nexus (even though we had a 10 kill advantage, baron, and an inhibitor) and winning the game. Theres nothing I can do to prevent it, its down to whether i get paired up with a competent team or not. and it feels so impossible to win a game, spending 30 minutes or so every game just to do good and lose is ridiculous. I have a bad game here and there where I lose my lane, but it doesnt matter, regardless I lose the game.

heres an example of how hard I win top lane, just to lose the game. (http://i.imgur.com/g72Kp.jpg)

103 cs ahead of nasus, 7/0/0 score with 200 cs at 20 minutes, everything seems to be going fine. as the game transitions into late game, our caitlyn with ghost and teleport who hasnt said a single word all game gets caught before every fight, losing us the game. i end 16/6/9 udyr, regardless of winning my lane by about 5k gold, simply because caitlyn was unskilled. I have had a lot more games like this, for example 30/10/14 vayne that I lost because my team didn't have any knowledge of how to team fight. I just felt that the Udyr game was significant because it showed just ridiculous it is to lose a game when you're doing so well.

of course, i do occasionally get good teams, which is always nice to have. I usually only win games when all the lanes win, or at least bot lane dominates. Bottom lane has the highest potential to either win a game, or lose a game, and at my elo, it is never even, either they are losing really hard, or winning really hard. its never in between.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do, id love to know. I try so hard to win but its just impossible for me because regardless of what happens its down to who i get paired with in champion select. I'd like to get back to 1400 elo, but at this rate i dont think theres any hope. Perhaps im just having a bad week. I don't know. I just need some suggestions or something.

One thing that should be changed about the matchmaking is that I should not, with 800 games played, be paired up with someone who is first timing ranked... EVER.. its absolutely ridiculous because half the people that come straight from normals to ranked dont even know the meta-game or anything about how to play ranked. Ranked should pair people up according to the number of games played, as well as elo, as opposed to getting paired up with people who don't know what they're doing when I've played that many games.

dont get me wrong, Im not saying im the best player in the world and i deserve to be like 2k elo, i just want to get back to where I was before which was hovering around 1400, getting good teams, and having a much less stressful time in solo queue. I want to be able to feel like I can play whatever role in solo queue, without having to worry about how someone else will perform at another role.

TLDR: regardless of how i perform, i lose the game simply because of one or two people performing badly, every game. what do i do..

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I vented here for the same reason a few weeks back. I believe I titled it "Best of a bad team."

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Call 911.

Sorry...it was there and I just had to do it.

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Rey Asmodeus

Junior Member


It's LoL's way of saying go suck balls because we want the newbs to play with pro players to mess up their elo. Instead of just having newbs play with newbs they like to screw everyone over. I don't play ranked anymore due to that reason.