Gold gained and Dominon

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Could someone double check these gold value you get on this map? Trying to figure more about the gold mechanics but a little inconsistent from the videos in you tube because of killing sprees, number or people involve in kills, and ect.

By doing nothing

~Start with 1375g

~Gold gain over time (26g per 5 seconds) = 312g per minute

By Capturing turrents

~First turret capture in each spot grants 100g

~Capture and neutralization turret grants 75g, 67g or 63g when 2 or more people capture

By killing

~Gold gain by killing champions (Kill is 100g then reduce to 91g. Support is 76g, then reduce to 64g? or 58g?. Stopping a killing spree grants more depending on their spree 130g? 169g?)

~Gold gain by killing minions (melee minion 60g, caster minion 30g)

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There is no 'first capture in each spot', just 100-75-67-63-60 based on the number of people at each spot.

Not sure about the champion kills, but looks close to being right.

Minion kills are correct.