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So, I can't think of anything to write about. This is your opportunity to get humor/a good story/ anything else out of a fellow LoL player. Just put your idea down (Sona and Talon romance, average day, battle, etc), and if it isn't too trollzy, I'll put it up here in a day or two. Good luck!
These are short stories, made in under 20 minutes.

Nerf Pls : Irelia

Mark and I had put up with this for too long : we needed to win against Moirailia, a devote Irelia summoner. She was just too powerful, what with her deadly agility and zeal... Mark suddenly had an idea that would spark change in discussion rooms forever ," We should weaken Irelia herself on the Fields of Justice!". It was too good of an idea to resist, even if it was a bit shady. We just needed some sort of proof Irelia was too strong.

We slowly walked to the Institute of War, plotting how Irelia was too powerful as we went. You'd think ideas like "Her blades go too fast!" would go by me, but they weren't quite good enough. Finally, we arrived, and received an audience (eventually.. the Institute isn't known for its promptness...). Mark said in his best tough guy voice ,"Let's cut to the chase : Irelia is too strong. We have proof and everything." Our lone audience member calmly stated ," Continue." though it should have been clear to us then he was trying to not explode into laughter. I gave passionately him the facts, from one who had put up with this far too long. "Irelia is, in herself, over powered. She uses looks to get the advantage over male summoners, she has so many blades that they are distracting to a summoner, she's too tall, Evelynn can't insta-kill her... NERF IRELIA!" Our audience couldn't stop laughing for minutes, leaving us red-faced and embarrassed. Then we saw Moirailia standing to the side, hidden in the shadows, watching the entire thing.

Annie Has a Tea Party

Annie was full of glee and joy today : She had just been modeling for ANOTHER skin, this one with her as Tibbers and Tibbers as her! It was just soooo cute! She decided to celebrate by having a tea party with everyone who was close by.

Nasus, Morgana, Kalye, Renekton, Katarina, Garen, Caitlyn, Twisted Fate, Zilean,Volibear, Viktor, and Heimerdinger. Annie had a little teensy bit of doubt that those people may not get along so well, but she knew they'd perk up when the saw her new skin. She sent out the invites using some weird little tablet (which she, of course, finger painted on), and set to work.

(Everyone receives their invite with varying amount of happiness, but thinking only they were invited, they feared Tibbers and his furry claws of DOOM...)

(Please use character voices with emotion for best effect. Exaggerate it. A LOT. Also: Decide the scenery yourself. In a volcano? Cool. On a boat? In a forest? IN SUMMONER'S RIFT!?)
Nasus arrived first, seeing the quaint little table. "Why are there so many chairs?" Nasus said, wondering if she had imaginary friends or if she had gone insane. "You'll see!" Annie said, laughing. Annie continued to set up more chairs... When Nasus saw Tibbers mixing tea, he wondered why Annie had grown so very large.. Then he realized she was talking about some new "skin" or something. Must mean clothing. Annie saw another guest coming, and needed to think of something quick to get Nasus out of their sight. "Can you go to Valomart and get some more tea?" she asked innocently. Nasus went off.

Morgana arrived next, and sees a tiny Tibbers. "What." she says, "astonished". "It's meh, Anniez! " "...How did you SAY a smiley face?" "No idea!!!" Morgana goes and mixes tea with AnnieTibbers, needing a break from all this sociality.

Heimerdinger comes now, being carried by a giant metal bear. "Mmmmmgreetings!" Heimerdinger shouts (to be hear over metal Tibber's racket). Annie is awed. 0_O. So awed, in fact, that when the rest of the guests all arrive at once, she forgets to send Heimerdinger away...but wait.. they're already grouped...

Nasus arrives, and Morgana tires of mixing. After all, she already burns cookies at Sinful Succulence enough...

Chapter NotOne(named by Annie herself : Guess which chapter it is! :P)

Immediately after spotting one anothers' rivals, they begin fighting...until they read the sign on a tree saying ,"Fighting means death, death is bad, but worse when it's coming at YOU!".

"Let's sit down now!" Annie pipes up, to stop the glares. Everyone reluctantly sits on chairs made of Maokai, and are served Red Ginseng Tea. Everyone looks to see who their counterpart is (they just have to look across the table, Annie accidentally the whole thing). (For those of you who don't know, it's Nasus/Renekton, Morgana/Kayle, Katarina/Garen, Volibear/Zilean, Heimerdinger/Viktor, and Caitlyn/Twisted Fate.)

There is some small talk made to champions sitting NEXT to each other, but not across from each other. The Red Ginseng Tea is starting to have its effect...adrenaline is pumping... Tibbers is getting hungry... Bananas are falling from trees...

Nasus solved that all by saying ," So, remember that battle going on in the Fields? That we're still in? Yeah... that big 6v6 thing that rather decided a large county? The one so important we couldn't be fettered by summoners? Mhmm. It's still going on. Our 30 minutes for food and recovery are over. First blood is mine!:" Nasus strikes Renekton across the head, but Renekton knew his brother. Speeches were followed by action. Renekton nearly decapitates Nasus, but Wither saves him.

By now, all the pairs are doing SOMETHING.

Morgana and Kayle were in an even battle, occasionally interfering and being interfered, but mostly just fighting.
Katarina and Garen were half-fighting, half-flirting (somehow.), but mostly interfering with others of the opposite team. Caitlyn was shooting a running Twisted Fate... Zilean and Volibear started aiding Katarina and Garen (Katarina/Voli, Garen/Zilean)..and Viktor and Heimerdinger were composing a science experiment to make a better Blitzcrank and leave the old one unclaimed. The fights started merging..someone knocked over the mini Blitzcrank... it was becoming a regular match again, much to Annie's woe. "An ally has been slain" "An enemy has been slain" Katarina and Garen had died. Twisted fate turned around and stunned Caitlyn with a shiny card... Caitlyn set off her own trap... "An ally has been slain."
Twisted Fate Gate'd away.

By now Annie was seething, until she remembered she COULD attack them! Viktor and Heimerdinger were closest, sadly, for Heimerdinger was her friend. "BLAGHGHGHGHGHGHGHFGHFGEIB!!!!" "An ally has been slain." "An enemy has been slain."

Renekton is Volibear/Tibberz'ed without mercy.

Zilean and Volibear trade, mostly because they need to go to the fountain and continue strategizing with their team.

Annie walks off...
The tides of war continue.

(I now need to move on, I'll continue this one later.)

The Furor of the Baron

The secrets of this mission are heavily guarded. All the public knows is that, through a daring attempt, a lone Yordle scout stole a single tooth from a sleeping Baron. Only a few know the truth...

More later, I should actually play League. Thanks goliathMoirail!

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Nerf pls: A summit of summoners petitioning the League Councillor of Balance and Sanctions about their difficulties against a champion that they want to see become less powerful on the fields of justice.

Annie Has a Tea Party: Everyone, be they summoners, champions, or other passers by are invited. They are all too scared of her and Tibbers to say no or leave.

The Botched Mission: The three Kinkou that held the positions before the current trio of ninjas. Who were they (we've only ever heard that Akali's mother held the position before Akali)? Why are they no longer around?

The Furor of the Baron: The summon of Baron Nashor that exists in every match on Summoners' Rift is composed from energy gathered from only a single tooth of the formidable and dangerous monster. How did the Institute of War acquire this artifact from the deadly worm?

A World without the League: Alternate reality exploring a Valoran that, instead of forming the league, endured another rune war. What role do the champions of the League have in this world?

Nunu and Willump: Investigative Reporters: Nunu decides that he wants to become a reporter for the Journal of Justice, and Willump helps because why not. He just needs a breakthrough story-- a real scoop. News to investigate: Jax: what's up with him?; Garen and Katarina: if they hate each other so much, why are they always together? (side note: COOTIES???); Hrmp Grunt (that was Willump's suggestion).

League of Love: Find the plot synopsis of a harem anime on Wikipedia. Replace the names with names of champions. Share your results.

Armageddon: Runeterran Edition: Take the plot of the movie "Armageddon" and replace characters with league champions. Share your results.

League of Legends: The Hauntening: Your favorite champ dies and is now haunting the institute of war/other champions. Urf is a recommended pick.

The Real World: Valoran: Reality TV with champions as contestants.

Fizz Gets Swole: Self-explanatory.

League of Legends Puppet Pals: Take the plot/script of your favorite episode of Potter Puppet Pals and then replace the character names with League champions. Share your results.

Anivia Gets Swole: Self-explanatory.

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Riven Luv: Because anything involving Riven is automatically awesome.

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Alrighty! I'll work on most of those.