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How to build master yi? Help?

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Can someone tell my friend about Master yi and how to play him?

He says building avarice blades first is the most important thing, and he doesn't get a phantom dancer, a zeal, or even a starks. I think he still gets malady.

He goes

Regular boots
Upgraded boots
Sell 2 avarice, buy Infinity edge

Usually we don't get that far...because we lose the game by then.

He defends this build, by saying, crit is the most important thing for Yi. He is a physical DPS, so he needs it. The gold per 5 is the best way to go. You can get gold faster, and then sell the stuff, and get an infinity edge, and I quote, "and get like 90% crit" (WITH 2 AVARICE AND IE...).

Now, I said that Yi, shouldn't rely on crit like gangplank, or even Trydamere because he's best built cookie cutter, or AS + AD + LS. He doesn't even get LS. Let alone AS...Just crit. I think his runes are also crit.

Also, he gets for summoner spells, ghost and something else that was useless, I don't remember. He has ghost because, and I quote, "its the best. you need it to chase people down. highlander is fast, but with ghost you can own people". I thought, maybe exhaust or ignite would be better suited.

I told him, no need to have ghost, because Yi is super fast to begin with...and combined with highlander, its ridiculous.

I said, getting ghost on Yi is like getting Flash with Kassadin.

Please help me, so I can show this to him.

Also, for spells, he believes meditate is very important, putting 3-5 points into before level 15.

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Honestly my preference for yi is:

Boots HP pots x3
Either Berserker Greaves or mercury treads... depending on game
turn those two into Yomuu's ghostblade

Build an IE

Then I go phantom dancer..but there are other ways to do him...

I know alot of people say Berserker boots are a waste of money, but I find when going DPS Yi... they are pretty nice dps boost.

As for the Meditate. I only put 1 point into it if any, depending on my mood. The only thing I find it realistically used for is either going AP Yi, tanking a turret for your team or using it at 18 to tank when your getting focused down.

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Lord Abbendis

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I start out with a
Pair of Boots + 2 Hp Pots + 1 Mana Pot
These are mearly for survivability and lane staying power.
Later on as the game evolves my next item is an avarice blade, but you do not need more then one you could do it I suppose but you're ruining your yi this way.

Your next few items is highly dependent on the match and must suit the situation I was in a game with larias yesterday and I had a team of a 1 healer + 4 tanks(+taric so 2 healers). So I had to build madreds + Last Whisper + Merc Treads and the game didnt last past that but I would have gone black Cleaver.

Items that are good for YI:
Boots of Swiftness, Mercury Treads
Madreds Razor - This item will make jungling for you MUCH easier
Infinity Edge - Self explanatory
Phantom Dancer - The eh item its good it just cost alot
Ghostblade - Your ghostblade makes chasing a breeze and gives you a 20% attacks speed, I usually get this item 3rd.

I'll inish this later because I got to go

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Depending on what you want to accomplish with Yi some items are interesting to ponder. If your team has decent DPS and team fights and ganks are happening often, Malady or Starks can be nice... Also the malady is great just for the lifesteal, if you are soloing a lot swap that with a blood thirster. Sword of the occulet for really good yi players...

Also love phantom dancers and if you are having issues early game with catching up to targets you can always take a bilgewater to catch up... (though not recommended as a final item)

Finally, it would be a good idea to pick up the blue buff if you have mana problems, but if not definitely the red buff, since this will keep targets close. Having both is awesome, but depending on team blue could go to someone else.