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Team Fail Smite - Recruiting ONE member

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Call Me Senpai

Senior Member


Hello, we are currently looking for one more player for Team Fail Smite. As our 5th player quit to continue his adventure on World of Warcraft. We are a very active team, who enjoys playing in Ranked teams, scrimmaging against friendly teams and participate to many mini tournaments. For example, Alienware Winter Season, Underground Gamer. Our team consists of four 17 year-old teenagers, who enjoy to meet new people and troll each other around. We use skype and ventrilo for communication during game-play and our team plays in eastern time.

As a team right now, we are all very flexible in roles. But, we are currently looking for a Support player on bottom lane.

-You MUST learn how to play most of the support champions, and be able to run a kill lane on bottom, for example, Pantheon and Renekton.
-Take timers of opponent's buffs and dragon/baron
-Ward appropriately and communicate with the team about aura items and such.

In other words, please add me if you are interested.

During tryouts, we will try you out for 5 games as a team. If you play poorly in a game, we won't judge you, as we all have our bad games. But, please, do not QQ about your FPS or lag, or anything. We are not interested in that.

IF, you believe you can play a stronger role than some of our members in a certain position, Top lane and Middle are also an option.

Appreciate it!
Happy Gaming

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One Guy

Junior Member