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Looking for stable members for Team Crystal Knights

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Yeah it's a silly name but meh we're not very imaginative. I'm looking to try out people for my League of Legends Ranked team. Out team mostly consists of 1300+ solo elo players except myself who is starting to climb the solo queue elo bracket this season. Our team rank is currently at 1108 elo with a w/l of 11/11. We're aiming to play competitively in tournaments in the near future but right now we're just doing the daily grind to get better at the game.

I'm mostly looking for people who can fill in the bot lane roles and is able to fill other roles if asked. Elo doesn't matter as long as you have mastery over the basics and is willing to learn. You've also gotta be a stable player that can come in most days to play. Also note that we primarily operate in the EST time zone. We usually practice around 6pm-12am EST so you'll be fine if you can make it during those times. You MUST also be able to use voice chat. We mostly use Skype but we do have a small Vent server that I can always setup.

You can contact me in LoL when I'm on, set a reply here or message me on my Skype: hungrywolfterry.

UPDATE 2/19/2012: We're full now with main team members but I will be accepting subs next week if you don't mind subbing for us.