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Builds for AD Ranged Champs

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Shawn Ogg




I want to ask for advice about builds for champs like ashe, trist and teemo. When i look through the items list i found lots of them:

Infinite Edge
Frozen Mallet
Phantom Dancer
Madred's Bloodrazor
Stark's Fervor
Executioner's Calling
Black Cleaver
Last Whisper

If i have 1 slot for boots and the other for an armor (guardian angel/banshee's Veil...), i only have 4 slots free.

Also i think there are items that are excluding (want your opinion about this) like:
-Last Whisper or Black Cleaver
-Malady or Stark's Fervor

The stats you can focus are:
-Life Steel
-Armor Penetration

Now i ask for your opinion:
What stats to focus and when? (I mean against what enemies: heavy tank team, mages, fighters)
What items would you take?
For example:
when is better to get the AS from a PDancer than from a Bloodrazor?
if your the only autoattack champ in your team, is Stark Fervor still better than malady?
Against tanks, would you go for BCleaver/Lwhisper or a Bloodrazor? Maybe both? Or are they excluding or redundant?

I though for example about a build like this:

-Ninja Tabi
-Phantom Dancerx2
-Infinite Edge
-Frozen Mallet
-GAngel / BVeil

But this build is extremely expensive (18000g). So if i suppose i get only half that money i'd go:

-Ninja Tabi
-Inifinite Edge
-Giant's Belt/Leviathan

Wich can be upgrade to the previous build if doing well.

What do you think?
Would be better dont focus on crit and go for armor penetration (BCleaver or LWhisper) or take a Bloodrazor? When?