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Team Arena Rules- Reference for customs

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Wind Breakers

Senior Member


These are the current rules for Team Arena in Dominion.

Goal of Team Arena - To show your 1v1 prowess, to own, to see if you can 5v1 the enemy team.

On Game Start- Each team decides the first volunteer. Buy your items then both volunteers go mid, and 1v1, don't collect buffs. The rest of the team must stay out of mid, including the bushes. No laning in this game, or capturing towers.

After a volunteer wins, each team then chooses the second volunteer to go up to mid and fight the next 1v1 battle.

If someone on your team is "fed" from winning often, they may 2v1, 3v1, etc as they choose, shouting in the chatlog, "I challenge a 2v1". As the game progresses, Both Teams can agree to 2v2 3v4, 5v5 etc.

Retreating from the battle is not allowed. Each battle is fight to the death. Revive, Fortify, and Promote not allowed in Team Arena.

After both Teams are done playing, the "losing" Team surrenders, based on # of kills.