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Do people not know how to team fight?

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even at lvl 25 i come across this on summoners rift. does anybody else???

we have a good compilation of players. lets say something like this.

an allistar or some other tank.

im mid as brand or ryze or malzahar or some other ap aoe nuke.

an AD range that either goes solo /or

another very poten solot champ that can be ad or ap range or tanky like nasus

a jungle

a support.

im feeling pretty good. we have a good build. no more then 3 ap's. a nice support. some great gank possabilities.

everybody does great. me or the jungler gank for the solo top OFTEN and they are also very skilled. the first 5 vs 5 team fight comes up... im ready to have my tank initate and come in unleashing my AOE NUKE FURY on some nubs when...

EVERYBODY FOCUSES THEIR TANK. they completely destroy all of us starting w/ the SQUISHIES and the GLASS CANNONS first and soon its at least 4 of them against our tank.

i get bugged a little. i tell everybody "why focus rammus when twitch was right there visable cuz i places a ward?"

they rage a little, call everybody but themselves noobs... generally blame everybody but themselves.... the next team fight comes...


i swear this happens 70% of my games...

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I didn't know anything about how a teamfight should occur until I saw some tournament video years ago. However, I think those allies don't understand what rammus does at all.

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Story of my LoL life. It's like everyone has this stuck up mentality they are the **** and if things go south they end up going for kses and bragging about KDRs.

I just played with an Annie who thought he was the **** because he had an 11-5 KDR. Then he started charging in like an idiot when we were not even there and went to 11-10 and blamed it on us.

Guess that's F2P community for you.

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I recall several matches where I'm pretty sure that it wasn't because my team mates were inexperienced but rather that we couldn't just coordinate for our life and couldn't get into position. Happens from time to time.