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Songs of Fate

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A little side project I'm working on. Hope you enjoy this prologue.

Part 1: A cup, a wand, and a Hanged Man

Twisted Fate leaned back from his desk, setting the letter from Sona down. A slow smile worked its way across his face as he realized that this may be what he had been looking for with Evelynn.

Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew a deck of hand-painted cards, worn from years of use, the edges worn away. Fate was in the hands of Fate as he shuffled the heavy cards, about eighty in total, in a great big pile.

Read your own fortune whenever you can, his mother had told him, It will prepare you for things yet to come. His mother had always been wise, especially in her readings.

Gently straightening and stacking the pile of cards as he had done a thousand times before, he drew the first one, turning it over to reveal The Hanged Man upright. This first card could go either way, since it meant that there was a change on the wind, and Fate’s mouth tightened. The last change in his life had left his heart in shambles.

A turn of another card revealed the upright Ace of Cups, the single chalice overflowing as a red ribbon wrapped around it. For a young man like you, his mother had once told him, the Ace of Cups is your good-luck card. It means that a new romance is on the horizon.

A third turnover showed the reversed Six of Wands, and Fate nodded slowly. He would have to be patient, as his rewards in this new venture would be delayed.

Exhaling, the Card Master rose, taking the three cards and neatly shuffling them back into the deck, replacing it in one of his jacket pockets, the one closest to his heart. With that, he set about packing.

The next Pentakill show was two days hence, in Zaun, and Sona told him that he would have to earn his keep in some way or another. As such, he packed not only his usual outfits for wear on the tour, but working clothes. They were old, rough cloth, darned a hundred times over, but they were sturdy. He hadn’t worn them since his operation, since he had started using magic for his everyday needs and joining the League of Legends.

It was only then that he realized he had simply been standing there with the old clothes in his hands, before folding and setting them inside a suitcase along with his more presentable outfits. He packed a spare pair of boots, and dress clothes, just in case.

Finally, he set about packing his shaving kit, which was always something he enjoyed doing, for some reason or another.

Removing the leather case from a drawer in his bathroom, he first placed in it the straight razor and its strop. Following that, he put in the brush and the materials to make the lather, a nail file, and a pumice stone. Finally, he reached into the medicine cabinet and removed a small bottle of liquid, taking a whiff of the aftershave before putting it into the leather case and tying the whole thing up.

His packing done, he set his suitcase beside the door and stepped outside into the fresh evening air. Stretching, he let the cool sea breeze of Bilgewater wash over him. He smiled to himself and left to find a tavern with some poor drunken sailors.

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Senior Member


I think I'll start off by saying that you are a pretty good writer, and as such I think I'll skip any critique of format, grammar, etc.

Instead, I would like to comment on your character portrayal and interaction. Considering TF was the ONLY real character in your story (aside from the letters and the flashback) he interacted quite nicely and almost completely in canon. But it isn't just the things he thinks and how he thinks them that I like, it's how he interacts with the environment.

For example, when he reached into the medicine cabinet, he took a whiff of his aftershave, I just feel this kind of subtle interaction is the difference between a good and a great writer.

However, the part where you mentioned his mother (where it DID add to TF's character) seemed to detract a bit from the story.

Overall good beginning and worthy of continuing and a lot of more comments.

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Just popping in to say that I'll be keeping an eye on this story, even if I don't comment after every update/addition. As a fan of TF, it's always interesting to see other peoples' takes on his character, and it'll be fun to watch where this goes.

(And on a side note, I really enjoy chatting about lore and the like. So if you ever feel like talking, feel free to add me in LoL.)

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Reese Retail

Junior Member


Ah! It looks very promising! Can't wait for the next part!

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