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[Game] Vayne's condemn bug against turret

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Junior Member


Priority: Minor

Label: animation

Description: When Vayne uses condemn to knock an enemy champion into an enemy turret, the champion is not stunned and is moved in a random direction.

Repro steps:
1. Began a custom game on Summoner's Rift Winter with one Shen bot in bot lane.
2. Played as Vayne and used condemn to knock Shen into his own turret.
3. He was not stunned, and he was moved away from his tower toward the blue side.

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I KNEW IT. I ****ING KNEW IT. It happens on live too. I tried to condemn this alistar to the turret but it pushes him past it and he goes flying away. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or if it was just me missing since it did look like he skimmed the edge of the turret.