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How many games do you expect to play before you reach your true Elo?

< 10 Games 180 1.63%
11-40 Games 819 7.4%
41-80 Games 1162 10.5%
81-120 Games 1738 15.71%
121-160 Games 665 6.01%
161-200 Games 930 8.41%
200-399 Games 1703 15.39%
400-599 Games 1089 9.84%
600-799 Games 457 4.13%
800-999 Games 170 1.54%
1000+ Games 2143 19.37%
Voters 11063 .

Help Riot improve matchmaking! Looking for examples of bad matchmaking

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I don't suppose Lyte still even checks the thread? I've got a bunch of information to deliver, but I'm not even sure it'll reach.
Either way, I'm in a similar situation as DedenDauthi.
Right now, I'm in Bronze III. I ended up there because my placement matches got completely wrecked by leavers, trolls and people that don't even have warding, laning and after-laning BASICS.
I finished that with 2 wins and 8 losses. That's not all though, after my placement matches I got another 4 losses, thus making my total 2/12. Then I won a few games, felt a little better... BAM I get hit with another wave of hellish team mates. Here comes the best part though, the enemy team ALWAYS has the better team composition, better teamwork or straight up better players.
I was rated Silver almost Gold in season 2. All I have to say is 30 minutes fully built Jax couldn't carry the team I had that game. Pretty sure nothing could at that point. It doesn't matter if I end laning phase 1/1 or 12/0, a single person can't carry 4 unskilled players.

Anyhow, not trying to be a whiney crybaby but I just don't even feel like bothering with ranked games at all, I might just wait for season 4 if I don't just leave for Dota 2.

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I'd like to have a more in depth conversation with a mod about this. my email is [email]Eangeltech@gmail.com[/email]

I currently have around 2000 games in the ranked matchmaking system. A combination over season 2 and 3.

The issue seems to be rather complex, because as of right now, the elo around 500 is more fair for professional players than it is at around 1200.

I am frequently matched with players that have 0 games ranked. These people are either getting completely stomped on the opposing team, or unskillfully sabatoging our own. (building no tank items on renek, going ap graves). This leads to a lot of very skilled and dedicated players slowly losing confidence in Riot.

Solution: Summoners with high amounts of ranked games should be able to opt out of games with players that have less than 100, 200, 300 etc. games. This way if we want to wait around 1 minute for a crappy game in ranked, we can. or we can wait 2+ minutes for a game that's more appropriate for our skill.

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Ace Duelist goes 14/0 garen in a game, loses the ranked due to the feeding bot lane.
I go 4/0 in lane loses game due to feeding bot lane,
I go 3/0 as TF laning phase and help win top lane, lose due to feeding bot lane (leona caitlyn feeding too strong enemy double kill at 2 min then 4 min then 6 min) (promotional series)
I go 2/0 in lane as TF, lose because caitlyn went 1/6 then rage quits (promotional series)
And that's how you lose promotional series ^

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you want a bad example, try fighting your way threw division 5,4,3 and in to division 2 then get teammed up with someone that has no ranking at all, and just spends 17 mins running lane to lane intentionaly feeding the enemys, dies 12 times then quits the game. then riot refused to do anything about it. people are doing things like this just to keep others from ranking up. people with no ranking should be matched up with people in division 5 not 2. player said they had 3 accounts and dosent care if they get reported and banned. people like this should have all there accounts permently banned as well as there ip address and e-mail address, so they cant just make new accounts and be right back to messing the game up for everyone eles. i still dont see why riot wont refund peoples ranking points when someone dose this. not like anyones going to report there own friend for doing this so they can get free points. and most likly they'd get reported by other palyers, and wouldnt be able to do it again if there accounts are permently banned.

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Summoner Dincht

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I believe a system should be set up kind of like World Of Warcrafts Dungeon Finder.

Where once you enter the que and it comes up, an indicator will pop up whoever is first pick gets to chose where they want to go weither it be top, ADC, Mid, Sup, Jun.

And the match is based off of those roles rather than a 5 v 5 team comp rating, cause it 3/5 people on a team do really good, but the match is a lost because of those 2 other people, those 3 good players shouldn't be hit with a penalty. like losing points for a loss, it should be a k/d/a ratio for that 1 person playing as their role type, if our support is 0/5/23, that sup should gain bonus points for doing an amazing job, where as someone who is 0/15/2 would get a penalty.

This setup and this setup alone would make your game playable and enjoyable, as it stands right now, after you switched to this new System myself and a few others i know have honestly lost the desire to play Ranked so all we do is normal draft and ARAM.

Please try this system.

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I have no intention of bragging here, but I can state with no toll on my conscience that my overall contribution/score in ranked games often heavily outperforms those of the teammates I am set up with.

I am not saying every person that doesn't get a KDR of 100:1 and a million CS per match is bad, just that I don't believe it fair to be perpetually set up with feeders and dcers and have their poor performances negate all the hard work I put in to winning a match and raising Elo.

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Summoners Rift
I am only 1500 at the moment and well my team mates and enemies are about 200 elo higher than me.
Didnt take one.

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Super Sayajin is me*

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Phinoxx, pvp/normal/blind pick/solo summoners rift, im level 30 and i keep getting qued into the same team with level 20 and below well the enemy team are all level 30's with match experience and i am unable to fight 1 vs 5 becuase the people on my team just get 1 shot killed becuase they wont listen and dont know how to build their champs according to the progression of the match.

so i end up losing like 5-6 games in a row becuase of this, so i don't even want to que for ranked untell the que system has its parring system tinkered with some more to the point that i can effectivily see that im not get the scrub team 5 matchs in a row.

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Eph289, game occurred on March 16.

Normal queue, ended up with mostly unranked/silvers like usual . . . except for the Diamond on their team. Who happens to be in the same league with Nyjacky and Nhat Nguyen.

My team: Unranked, Silver V, Unranked (me, but I rate about a silver somewhere), Unranked, and a Silver III.
Their team: Unranked, Silver II, Diamond V (bojangles), Silver I, Unranked.

Felt like I didn't have a chance when the skill differential is that large. The guy is just way better than me, and hat's off to him for his skill, but 1) he shouldn't even be playing me (or the rest of my team, I suspect), and 2) he talked trash the entire game about how good he was.