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Twitch Rune suggestions

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Hello all,

So I'm low 20's in summoner level and I'm looking to build my rune page before level 30.

Currently I've been playing with Twitch and I think he's really fun and was just wondering which runes are best for competitive play. Ganking is fun sure, but I'd rather build him to be more useful in team fights.

At the moment I'm thinking;

Reds: Armor Penetration
Yellows: Critical Strike Chance
Blues: Cooldown reduction (Maybe hp since he's squishy)

Any constructive suggestions are appreciated, if I seem way off it's simply because I have no clue what stats he benefits best from, sorry.

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Senior Member


First off, I have to say... If you play often, you'll hit lvl 30 soon and start ranked games. Twitch is a huge feeder. Most stealthers are. Right now he's fine to play and have fun with. so, on that note... basically...

ArP reds
Crit % yellows
Crit dmg blues... especially if you go the IE route early on. Very important.
ArP Purps.

Works best for me, but then again, I only use him in unranked matches when I get bored. GP is my main champ, but the book works for both.