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About GameTrolls

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Junior Member


I can not stand players ruining my games ... the punishment that should be pretty **** high, because I do not admit such an attitude. I just wasted my time playing this game of ****. I can not stand ... PLEASE DO SOMETHING about it

We have a lot of GameTroll in this game, and i want something done.
At my last game, one GameTroll arruined my game, and i wasted 20 min of my life.

Seems little more imagine this happens several times in a row?
Because these people I have a little time to stop playing.
I am very surprised by my knowledge, have not heard of the existence of tutors in the game.
I would like to propose an idea for Riot Games, to think about the existence of tutors, to better respect the game.
Tutored in some games, the number of people with the intention of ruining the games will surely fall.

What is the role of a tutor?

- Tutors are nothing less than "helpers" and their function is to impose respect for the abuse of a bad intention.

I suggest an attempt to reflection about this delicate matter.
Think, imagine if you were having a game that was ruined.
I've been thinking a lot about this subject, and as nobody had protested about the same, here I am speaking for thousands of players from League of Legends.

A hug to LoL players, and that our family continues to grow.

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Maniac Manny



Honestly, there isn't anything you can do to "weed" out the trolls. You and send a report for unskilled player, but I don't think there is much else you can do about it.