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Tips for Malzahar build?

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I bought Malzahar today and found that this build works fairly well but I would like some extra opinions.

Here is my purchase order.

Boots of Speed>> Health potionx2>> Catalyst The Protector>> Sorcerer's Shoes>>
Rod of Ages>> Rabadon's Deathcap>> Banshee's Veil>> Zhonya's Hourglass>>
Void Staff

Any suggestions on improvement?

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I usually go boots three pots, then farm my lane till i either have a Rabadons or if i have to go back its for no less then a large wand. Now doing this i find that it takes to long to build catalyst for you to get the 10 minute effect so you would skip rod and go for something like crystal scepter for survive-ability or a banshees veil. Other then that its similar to my build just no rod. Also i would make zonya's a choice item slot. If they have a heavy ad team sure but if their main damage is like ziggs or some ap caster an abyssal scepter would be better no?

Your build ((harder to kill))
Mine((larger damage faster at the risk of squishyness)

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I normally start with a Doran's ring for the extra health and damage. The mp5 helps, too. My build ends up being boots > Rod of Ages > Rylais. Now that I'm tanky, I get a Rabadon's, and when people start building mr, a void staff is always nice. Finally, you could switch the Doran's ring for whatever else you may need.

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I usually buy the Mana Crystal first for my Mages to get that early ROA. Then I go to Ionian Boots , then Death Cap and then Void Staff. And then Hour Glass.Guardian angels would be good so you're not so squishy.

A Hextech Revolver is also good on Malz for his E.

He is one of my mains.

My Top Mains:

I'm a Mage kind of guy.

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Many times Malefic Visions wont be enough in the mana aspect, so an early TotG (Tear of the Goddess) solves any mana problem, also it builds in Archangel Staff, which gives you good mana, good ap (45+3% of max mana into ap, which, doing the math gives you around 100+ ap at level 18...with only the TotG! combine that mana with RoA or B'sV and you get quite the big amount of AP). Its the first thing I buy after boots of speed...(A tip: dont buy AA inmediatly, as you dont have many mana boosts, instead, go for other items, like Roa or Rabadons)

Also, in the boots departament, my 1° choise is Ionian Boots, for the CDR, since you depend in your R more that other caster (which is saying something) you need good cdr, and ionian is a good choise. Why not Sorceror? the 20 MP(magic penetration) pales when you think: ''yeah, I can do 225 dmg with one spell with Sorc Boots, but with Ionian Boots, you can cast 2 spells that do 200 dmg before my enemy run, potencially managing a kill... soooo IMO, Ionian are FTW. Also, in teamfights, you are almost useless without your R, and 60~70 seg (with 30~40% CDR) leaves you in better position in teamfights that that ugly 100seg of CD that Nether Grasp has without CDR.

For the CDR items... well Morello's Evil Tome is quite good, ap, mana/5 and cdr are good, or its w/ active counterpart, Deathfire Grasp, is a good choise for more nuke power! and there is no cdr to waste!
Also Frozen Heart is good if you are having problem with AD champs.

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on malz I go 21/0/9 full AP, and 6% SV quints, then get Clarity and Flash, the clarity with a dorans to start gives you insane pushing ability and spam ability and you can deny their mid CS with their tower and dmg them enough so they have to hang back or TP to base so youre only facing one person with your silence and a flash in case you get ganked.

Then I get boots and catalyst then Rod and then the 5 boots, most ppl would go with sorc but getting out of those lanes before the gank and your split pushing ability is huge with the boots and you die a lot less, it also puts you wherever you need to be for the gank each time your ulti is up.

then rylais, and youre tanky, and then Hat and its basically over, then either lichbane/thornmail/voidstaff/WOTA

and dont waste your ult on tanks plz