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How to fear and fiddle? :(

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ok, I bought this camp, because I just love heavy cc champs. It is not because he seemed op, but I thought that a fear, silence and life drain ability could make a good alround champ for me.

So, I think I´m not a high elo player, but I also not have the worst skill ever. I know how far I can go with fiddle, and I know how squishy he is.

I always buy the following:

boots (sorcerer)
mejias (depending on how much kills I have until then, or how good my team is playing)
zonyas (as 3rd item)

until then most games are over (most times I play 3on3 games)

the problem is, that in early and midgame, fiddle is a pretty good champ, but as soon as the late game starts, and everyone has a health over 2k it is nearly impossible for me to kill them in an 1on1 (without using my ulti)

the life drain can´t heal against the damage of a yi. and most times I just eat a stun or get knocked in the air (xin for example) ..

so, I rush zonyas because it can save my butt butt in certain ways and has a pretty low cooldown.

but, anyway. is it just me, or is fiddle not good in the late game. I can dominate early and middgame with my mates, but as soon as endgame starts, even the ulti seems week.

Does anybody know what I can do, or is fiddle just not a good 1on1 character?

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Has Fiddle, your not supposed to be the first/second/ or even third in. Fiddle specializes in teamfights, your gonna want to flank your team, dont stay with them so ppl can see you, rather, skirt the sides of the lane or wherever your team is going, but remain in range for your ult to reach your team. When a fight breaks out, give the enemy team a few seconds to commit 100%, then ult in, fear their carry, dark wind any casters, and just /dance while the entire enemy team gets slaughtered and you tear away any hopes for a win from them.
Fiddlesticks is not good for 3v3, there are better CC/caster options. He is first, and foremost, a teamfighter, but DO NOT go in first, you must wait. Patience.
In terms of ganks (jungle fiddle-esque), you'll want to ghost/blink in, and simply terrify the enemy, while your team jumps on them. Remember that the fear is almost similar to a stun, and it lasts like about 3seconds at max levels. that IS LONG.
Its all about timing bro, but remember that Fiddle's AP ratios arent the best, so rather than zhonya, simply get Rod of Ages, it gives you HP, MANA, and enough ap to boost some damage. Mejais should be good enough for the major AP boosts, becase when team fights come in, you'll be hitting everyone, and should get several stacks even if you die.
Happy fiddling bro

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Junior Member


As a fiddles player myself, i agree with ech0z that fiddles is not a good 3vs3 player.
More bursty, non-ult reliant, and tanky type champions are a lot better when it comes to 3vs3.

I would also like to point out a few more pointers.
1) Do not get Mejai's. Fiddles does NOT rely on AP. AP-ratio of Fiddles aren't that good,
and an item like Mejai's that rely on stack and only give flat AP isn't that good for Fiddles.
Get Magic Pen items instead.
2) RoA. 3vs3 depends on you doing well on your first ~15minutes or so.
RoA takes 15 minutes to stack. (If I recall correctly)
3) You can be an initiator, a ganker, or a join-after-the-chaos champion,
but never focus on being good at one. Learn to do all three at the RIGHT MOMENT.

Hope my reply was useful, hope you have fun playing Fiddles

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Kage's Lucky Pick -> DFG, Sorc Boots, Abyssal, Sunfire Cape, Zhonya's

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unR Mohrisbetter

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Don't try to show too much finesse with his abilities until you get very comfortable with him. Focus on landing his ult and you'll be a huge asset to your team if you land it well. Yes, fiddles can completely control an opponent with well executed use of his 3 CCs, but for the most part, your primary focus should be staying unseen and ulting in while you drop all your CC to maximize your ult's effectiveness.

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You answered your own question, use your ult every time the CD is up to get 1 to 3 kills. I always go for nashoor's tooth just so I can squeeze out a few more kills from my ult being up faster. Also your ult can't solo the whole team you have to use it in sync with your team to get kills later on in the game. But lane ganking hide in the brush and use your ult to get some easy kills.

Just ult + fear + dark wind + lifedrain
Also you can zhonya's during your ult so you don't take any damage.