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My Ashe Build. (Critique Please)

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recommending both malady and zerker greaves in the same post does not give you much merit around here I'm afraid.

the way I like to go which works amazingly well for me:

9/0/21 (mana regen, xp, movement speed, cd)

ArP reds
Dodge yellows
mp5/lvl blues
flat hp quints

items in order:

longsword + hp pot
Brutalizer (the earlier the better, great item)
boots -> swiftness
IE (BF > pickaxe > cloak, bf or axe first depending on what you can afford at the time)

If game is still going...

Wit's end (mage enemies giving you a hard time but dont want to sacrifice additional firepower)
Last Whisper (works nicely with your runes and brutalizer, more effective against armour heavy teams)
Banshee's Veil (self explanatory; mana, health, resist, spell block)
Phantom Dancer (build any of the above before finishing this imo, but good last item nonetheless)

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What I do is boots + 2/3 hp pots (when I solo mid I go super aggressive and usually get first blood).
Then brutalizer is a must.
Depending on how well I do, I finish boots if I'm not getting enough kills, or get BF sword.
I always get leviathan in my games, but banshee veil is viable depending on their team champs.
Finish IE.
Get last whisper (if they're smart their carries or even tanks would target me first, so this really helps)
Get bloodthirster (game is usually over before this and even last whisper)
Still going? Sell brutalizer and get what seems suitable at the current stage of the game (phantom dancer seems popular, maybe another bloodthirster, your choice)

Just need to be very map awared and know when to run or help an escaping teammate etc. will help keep your snowball item (leviathan) at 20 stacks.

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I seriously thought about writing a long reply, but decided not to.
But PLEASE don't listen to the guy above.
Getting malady for Ashe?!?! Just ignore him, and everyone else's advice seem valid enough.
Hope you find your build!! It's always good to try this and that,
but always keep in mind which items are NOT VALID (gold/5sec items, malady, etc)
P.S. Brutilizer is also good for the armor pen., besides the extra CDR,
boots and dorans shield both sound valid, but if youre not getting health pots,
you(or the opponent) are doing something wrong

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Okay, first off it would be nice to know what your general goal is. I, personally, have never played Ashe. I DO, however have a friend who plays Ashe and he gets about 15 kills a dam game(basterd).

Anyway, you want good attack speed, VERY good critical chance, and lots of speed. Don't listen to them when they say no on getting boots first. Get boots first, and then go straight into boots of swiftness(you could go berzerkers, but it's more important to be faster than your opponent).

Then go infinity edge, then phantom dancer.

After that you are already a killing machine, but getting the ghostblade, or malady(the lifesteal lets you lane longer) is recommended.

Last get a black cleaver or something with some punch that isn't too expensive.

Ashe is an extreme DPS character. Wasting time trying not to make her squishy is a bad idea, and will only get you ganked anyway, since you can't kill anyone fast enough. Just play defensive until you can kill pretty much anything in about 4 hits, then go SUPER aggressive.

Hope that helps.

This is so wrong my eyes are bleeding.

Ashe built for attack speed is like Annie built for attack damage, only somehow worse. At level nine you have an ability that does (auto-attack damage) + 80 on a 4s CD, less if you have CDR (such as the much-recommended Brutalizer), and this most excellent mini-nuke is multi-target with fantastic range. Because of the power of Volley, you want to be building Attack Damage first and foremost.

Now, Volley can't crit, but your passive ensures that you get plenty of crits during the game, and Infinity Edge is so cost-effective that it's a natural buy. Picking up some extra crit chance is good if you already have vast hordes of Attack Damage, as long as the item is good--Ghostblade is one fine example, Zeal is another.

You want some Armor Pen, too, to make those ferocious AD-centric shots hit harder, and Brutalizer provides a bundle. Ghostblade provides even more if you upgrade to it, and your Marks should all be Armor Pen, and if the enemy is building armor items, you can go ahead and toss in a Last Whisper, too.

Last Whisper is all the attack speed you will ever need. If you don't build one--if nobody on the enemy team is building armor, for example--Wit's End is a decent choice, or you could use your superior farming and build the team a Stark's Fervor, though it's a bit better on a melee to spread the debuff around.

Phantom Dancer, unlike Zeal, is a pretty bad item on Ashe because you have so many expensive items that are so much better. Infinity Edge is costly, Last Whisper isn't cheap, Ghostblade is fairly expensive, you'll want to look into Banshee's Veil in many games, if you're skipping Last Whisper then Black Cleaver + some other item for your attack speed needs, etc. Zeal itself is pretty snazzy since it provides move speed, a little but not too much crit chance, and the attack speed is only so-so useful but hey, it has move speed!

Something like Brutalizer - Boots of Swiftness - Infinity Edge - Black Cleaver - Zeal is painfully much damage, ignores huge chunks of enemy armor, and you have a mobility advantage against just about everyone on the map. With strong farming and a good presence in team fights, that kind of build is entirely possible during a longer game. If the enemy is armor-heavy, Brutalizer - Boots of Swiftness - Infinity Edge - Last Whisper - Bloodthirster is just as horrifying.