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Thorn and Sunfire Shen?

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Pwnacus Maximus

Senior Member


realy simple
for the start:

first buy 2 health pots
then buy that hp regen item for 250 gold

after that get money for a giant's belt
or when you have about 900 and are back take the health crystal and regrowth pendant

try to get warmogs

then get spirit's visage

after that it depends on the enemies team
if they are more ab hen buy nature's force

more attack power then buy warden's mail
after that buy the other one

you might wanna get some kind of boots somewhere in this build

when you have all those items you should have about 200 health regen per sec

you might wanna take a force of nature extra ... or just go for levethian or something you like
sun fire cape is also recommended


this is exactly what NOT to do. don't get warmogs, DONT get spirit visage.

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Junior Member


Hey Shens..

I think you shouldnt get sunfirecapes and a thornmail together, because the dmg thornmail deals to enemys attacking you will be higher if u take more dmg.
I know that sounds weird but if u have a thornmail, you want to take much dmg, and thats why you should not buy more amor (...no sunfirecapes). Instead of amor you should get HP (FrozenMallet/RylasCristalzepter/Warmogs/Aegis of Legion or somethink like that) and some magicresist (dont get Banshees...u pay for mana you cant use, Force of Nature is better).

So as Mamox said:

Doran's Shield + pot
Boots (merc treads usually)
Aegis of Legion (amazing item)

and then


But stacking SFC is strong too. As long as there arent to many AP-Champs on the other team.It is strong because SFCs add dmg to your champ. And that is important for tanks, because otherwise the enemys will ignore them (i know shen has a taunt, but still...).

Doran's Shield + pot
Boots (merc treads usually)

and then


An other way would be to play Shen with some AP, because that improofs his ulti what helps Shen keeping his friends (DmgDealers) alife . There are some nice tanky AP items like RylaisCystalscepter or Abyssal Scepter. But i havent played that way often, so i´m not sure if it works well. But it should.

would be:
Doran's Shield + pot
Boots (merc treads usually)
Abyssal Scepter

and then maybe
Guardian Angle