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How to farm to 6300 IP?

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My strategy for farming IP: Win one normal game per day for the First Win bonus, then switch over to practice games.
Create a room and advertise it as a "OMGOMGRUSHOMGOMGFREEMONEYZ" game. One team is going to be filled with level 30 people and you, while the other is bots. Beat the bots in 12 minutes. Profit.

Note: If you win a game in under 12 minutes, you don't get IP or EXP.

correction, 11 mins.........tested nuerous times......

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Fastest way to do it is to spend real money on her. Might seem like a sour thing to do, but I decided that LoL has given me so much value for the free pricetag it has I thought to myself "I'll just pretend I bought this game for 20$, which still is a great deal". So, I set a 20$ budget for myself to spend on whatever.

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Senior Member


pick heimer, get meki pendant+2 mana pots get utilty\ some offense if ur elvel 30, runes if u have them
play against soraka bot in 5s
go to bottom lane, place turret outside of tower range, get smtie and tele, smite the first melee then smite every tank creep. push, only throw grenades if u will also hit the turret + all the purple caster minions or if u have the mana,
push push push, take out their inhibtor, B, get chalice and as many meki as u can. tele back in, push till its over, make sure u win after 11:00
fastest possible is winning at 9:40 with this strat but u wont get ip
for faster IP, get an ip boost

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Taiwan Terror



There really is no "fast" way to do it =\
Although making sure that you get your win of the day boost every single day can help speed the process greatly.

If you're really that rushed to get anivia - just buy some RP, support riot games ;p