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How to Jungle Shaco

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Jungleing Shaco

The reason i did Jungleing Shaco is that a lot of New players should learn how to jungle and Shaco is a really good champ to jungle! I highly recommend going DP Shaco with whatever runes work for you

Jungleing Shaco is very easy. First for summoner spells you use Smite/Exhaust,Ghost(basically anything you prefer), but i prefer Exhaust for easy kills. Once you start the game buy 1 Cloth Armor+ 5 Health Potions. I prefer to go to Red Buff first, but you could always go to blue. Make sure for your first Ability you put up your W which is the boxes. Place the boxes where the Red Buff lizard spawn about when it says "Minions have spawned" so you don't waste any boxes.You should get a level up unless a teammate gets some of the Experience. Put your next skill into either your Q or E (really doesn't matter) After you get red or blue go to Wraiths. Then after Wraiths go the the last buff u didn't grab. Your should be Level 3 with Blue and Red buff. Then start ganking the most pushed lane. Eventually you will have enough money to complete whatever you prefer to build.

Thanks for Viewing this is my first guide so if there is anything I missed please comment!

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I feel i should input....

1. Shaco is a GREAT ganker. He can flash/stealth, and has a ranged slow/nuke, and sometimes you can get that fear in also, so take advantage of this.

2. If your having trouble going through the jungle, MAKE SURE to get your E at at least lvl 2, don't go for an early decieve, even if you want to gank, (It's good for ganking also ) Remember, E's passive makes jungle creeps miss you part of the time.

3. Runes matter. Armor, damage, and armor pen is ALWAYS good. Attack speed also is nice.

Just Thought I'd point out some things you missed ^-^

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Quick Rawr

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I don't think 2.5% miss chance is worth sacrificing deceive.