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Help My Jungling Shyvana

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i get vampiric scepter first, and rush wriggles then boots (ghost + speed from w is all you need for ganks)

path is wolves wraiths golems back, buy cloth armor, red, either gank or rinse repeat wolves wraiths golems (giving blue to middle after wolves if they can)

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Your masteries are fine.

Try Ad Marks, flat armor seals, AS blues, and AD quints. Get a Wriggles first, turn your Phage into Frozen Mallet after you get Wit's End. If you finish your build with Atmogs, she does stupid damage and has 4k+ health, but you'll rarely get there.

After you finish your jungle clear stop farming your jungle. Counter jungle HARD and bash their jungles face in, as Shyvana is one of the strongest counter junglers in the game. Then if you clear out their jungle, hop bank into yours. Depending on how ballsy you want to be, you might be able to start their wraiths/red while they are off whacking on blue. Though usually I don't risk it unless I have a support that is willing to cv the wraiths/red area.

You will NEED to ward against counter jungling. Ganking with Shyvana can be difficult and only experience can teach you when to go and try one.

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Let's compare your build to the typical Shyv build with leaguecraft.com

Your build: 13935 gold ( mercs, wit's end, bloodrazor, trinity force, banshees )
Standard build: 10555 gold ( mercs, wriggles, wit's end, frozen mallet, atma's )

Your build: 13935 gold_____________________Standard build: 10555 gold
Hit Points 2770__________________________2845
Health Regen (per 5) 22___________________22
Health vs physical 5645.26______________7220
Health vs magical 7132.75______________5903.37
Armor 103.8________________153.8
Magic Resist 157__________________107
Attack Speed 1.636_____________________1.174
Damage 176_______________________216
Ability Power 30________________________0
Critical Chance 15%______________________18%
Movement Speed 437___________________395
Lifesteal 0______________________15%

Now let's compare some on-hit effects.
With your build you do an extra 4% of their max hp per hit, but you only have a 25% chance to slow. Sometimes, your auto attack will do 174 physical dmg based upon the following calculation.

150% of base dmg = 1.5 * 116 = 174.

Do keep in mind that the 2nd build is 3400 gold less. That's enough for warmogs, 500 gold short of trinity force, much more than a guardian angel, or force of nature, randuins... etc

If you got warmogs for example, your effective hp would be...
vs physical: 10,443
vs magical: 8,538
and your damage would go up to 241 ( from 216 )

I'm not saying that your build is bad. In fact, I want to try a more offensive build seeing as how well Shyv can stick to targets and how tanky she is. This is just a comparison to see the pros / cons.
As everyone else has said, get wriggles first. Even if you are low after a gank or run-in with their jungler, you can regain hp off your jungle. That ward always on you is great.

As for runes/masteries/starting items I suppose it depends on your choice between defense / clear times. I've always thought the cloth + 5 pots was standard but after watching SaintVicious ( CLG's jungler ) use boots + 3pots, I can see how it gives him a speedier jungle. Do note that if you attempt red buff ( wolves,blue,wraiths,golems,red) you will be very low and thus vulnerable to being counterjungled. I'm assuming he's being efficient with his gold and the early defense is not needed because shyv doesn't gank unless the enemy is way overextended.

As for runes, I'm using my flat ad/flat armor/ scaling MR but wonder if the AS marks will speed the jungle up. Can anyone verify that the switch is better?