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How do you expect people like me t o get out of elo hell!!!!

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No such thing as elo hell.

I've gotten some losing streaks before. I've gotten some unfair losses (Riot servers freezing, 3v5 from 2 ppl who didn't connect, etc.). Point is, if you are good enough, you'll cover that spread.

If you are truly in "elo hell" (I don't believe in it, but for your sake), then the probability that a bad player is on your team is 4 out of 9, while a bad player on the other team is 5 out of 9 (Again, 'assuming' you yourself are not the bad player).

With those odds, it's up to you to carry your way out. Your builds are bad, and twitch overall I would not consider a hard-core carry.

I've played a range of champions in ranked, but I've got two above all others: Yorick and Graves. I'm able to carry the lanes I'm in with them, and raise my elo. Sometimes I need to play other roles, but I've learned how to carry my way up.

Currently in the 1350s. Aiming to hit 1600, but don't know if I will this season.

But I will say this: Last season, I was an 800-900 player. This year, I've been mostly 1300/1200. I've slide down to 1100 once, and low 1200 a few times. If you don't belong in your elo, you WILL get out of it over time. Otherwise, you belong there.