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Dom Karma.

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Finly Erkenwald

Senior Member


Just tried playing karma in dominion, i was quite impressed. The ability to speed up all allies, if theyre properly grouped, can be quite powerful, and her abilities seem to shine in the kind of quick skirmishes that often happened.

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I really enjoy Dominion Karma, mainly because she gets underestimated. I actually go bot with her a lot, it's pretty fun if you're against some kinda of melee (Trynd and Lee Sin come to mind). They rush at you the second you get to lane and then die on your shield and minions.
I run a tanky AP build on her:
Start with a catalyst and health pot
Rod of Ages
Ionian Boots
Frozen Heart
Abyssal Scepter (she's mid ranged, so they're usually going to get hit by the aura)
It's usually not in this order, but I find you can build tanky first because of her passive.