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^^^ those two posts.

It is time...

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Keaton Lee

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Why would you play ranked for practice?
It's people like you that belong in the 500 ELO...you drag others down because of this reason.
If you don't know how to play a champ at ranked level, and are able to buy ELO with RP...that's going to get a LOT of people angry.

I can imagine how it would go:

9bleach: Hey guys, this is my first ranked game and daddy moneybucks just let me use his MasterCard to buy 2600 ELO!
Calin: Omfg...uninstall.
Calin: GTFO and unistall NOW.
PieLover314: For the love of god, it took me three months and no sleep to get to this elo, please dodge.
9Bleach: It's ok guys, I just bought Rumble and 25% worth of Cooldown Reduction Runes.
9bleach: I'm gonna spam my Q until they surrender from my awesomeness!
Calin: Go hang yourself.
PieLover314: I'll buy you some rope.
9bleach: It's ok guys, I'm going AD so the overheating doesn't affect me!

Yeah....I can see how buying ELO with RP could backfire.

I haven't laughed this hard in days. I love you, Askamot. I LOVE YOU.

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who the **** said that someone can buy elo to buy up? i said it to give people are a chance to start over and only the real good with over 1k wins (or something like that) and for the grammar,am ****ing sorry English is my second language *******......