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When can we expect Ranked play for Dominion?

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Do we really need ranked, in the form that has a separate ladder, with its own competitive scores?

Don't most of the competitive Dominion players just want a better matchup?


Realistically, isn't what we really want just the same limitations that apply in ranked matches, such as having a duo as maximum queue, instead of 3+?

Isn't that something we should petition for instead?

A few of the good things I could see ranked doing:
  • It would bring in more players. I personally know a lot of players that admit Dominion is fun, but currently refuse to play Dominion simply because there isn't Ranked. There's nothing to strive for in their eyes. And I know this isn't limited to just people I personally know. There's lots out there that feel this way.
  • It would give solo players a way to avoid running into pre-mades. I think what you're asking for is actually much more difficult for Riot to do. It would require a code change to the matchmaking system, whereas with Ranked they just have to hit a switch and it's on. You also run into the problem of what to do with 4-man premades in normals if you make that change. Who is going to fill that last spot if the system is preventing solo players from playing with premades?
  • It would earn Dominion some respect as a competitive gameplay mode. Perhaps not that important, but I know I grit my teeth a little bit whenever I hear an SR player call it a "mindless mini-game".