Jarvan questions

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So i just got Jarvan today I love his style and abilities but I tend to find my self going 6-0-23 on I build him pretty tank but still give him about 1.5 as with about 147 ap does anyone know of some good items to help me get those last hits more?

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Folly Inc

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by not going 6-0-23

No, seriously, if you're having trouble with last hits, putting all your points into getting a bit of gold to replace the TON of gold you can get by last hitting is a poor trade. What I recommend doing is putting a bunch of points into damage and getting a feel for jarvans skills so you can use them to last hit early game and farm later in game.


as for items, the recommendeds usually help with that, more specifically Dorans Blade for jarvan.it gives a nice perk to your damage and a bit of extra health. This is the reason why you see people buy several dorans items if they're struggling in their lane, as it makes last hitting MUCH easier so you can farm your gold more effectively.