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Embrace the Serpent

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A spin-off of my story "The Long Gun of the Law". For a prequel to the events of the story, read Part 6, posted below


And now for the story.

Part 1: The Frejlordian Blade

Jakob walked back to his room, the ice pressed up against his head. Seeing his friends hung over like that made him want to laugh, but laughing hurt. Just like a lot of things.

The previous night, he had been on a date with Cassiopeia, and the Serpent’s Embrace had kissed him. Now he knew what Jack had felt like, knowing that a champion of the League was attracted to you.

Thing is: Caitlyn didn’t poison Jack on accident.

Groaning, he stumbled into his room and locked the door, setting the ice down for a brief moment to run a hand through his thick brown hair. Adjusting his spectacles, he set himself down before the little desk he used to work in his League matches, the model of Summoner’s Rift excruciating in its detail.

He considered looking for a match to join, then decided against it. His head hurt too much from that poisonous kiss. Taking up the ice again, he pressed it to his forehead, and then reached under the desk, opening a small hidden compartment.

Out tumbled something metal that fit his hand oddly. He knew what it was. He knew he was relieved that it was still there. He knew that Cassiopeia would hate him for what it was.

He removed the object and brought it into the light, the silver metal of the sheath glimmering up and down the serpentine blade, the crossguard of the sword in the form of a snake that bit its own tail, the pommel yet another fanged head.

A small bit of pressure caused the sheath to loosen, and Jakob drew the sword, the blade singing, the metal shining in the lamplight. He simply stared at the sword, the same kind of sword that had cursed Cassiopeia and turned her into what she was.

Sighing, Jakob sheathed the blade and replaced it in the desk’s hidden compartment. For now, some things would have to remain secret.

Yes, I am teasing you with the length.

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Do want more if you do as good of a job with this as you do with your long gun of the law.

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Do want more if you do as good of a job with this as you do with your long gun of the law.

Well, I'll try. That's the best I can offer.

Part 2: Plans over Crossed Blades

Jakob spun away, the longsword in his hand ringing from the block he had to execute. About ten feet away, his sparring partner, Jack, stood with a rapier held casually, and a set of five throwing knives strapped to his belt.

A flick of his wrist brought Jack’s rapier up again, edging in one step at a time to close some of the distance. Jakob began circling, his feet moving slowly but surely, never more than an inch off the ground. They moved around each other for a few moments, moving in a wide circle like boxers before Jack made the first move.

A flicker of steel and a shuffle of boots brought the bard’s blade in range, the tip lashing for Jakob’s heart. An effortless block batted the blade away, and Jakob went on the offense with a riposte. The two danced the sword well, though their styles were different. Jakob used his blade more for blocking, relying on more direct methods in order to get a strike in. His opponent, however, was more oriented for speed, avoiding attacks, using only glancing blocks when necessary, maintaining that perfect fencer’s stance the whole time.

However, a strike by Jakob caught the Bard of Bilgewater off guard, a double tap on the blade of the rapier causing the weapon to go out wide, allowing Jakob to make a thrust for the heart, the blunted longsword seeming to home in between Jack’s ribs.

Recovering quickly, the bard sidestepped, closing the distance by running alongside Jakob’s sword as he finished the thrust, jabbing him in the sternum with his elbow, then slashing him across the stomach with one of the knives from the holster.

“Point,” the bard said, grinning widely.

Grumbling, Jakob set his sword down. Tay, Lee, Stephen, Wallace, and John were all going to be practicing elsewhere, the former two doing combat as Jack and Jakob had done, the latter three focusing on magic. “How about we switch to something a little more elegant?” The Frejlordian proposed, cracking his knuckles.

Jack sighed, and set his blades down as well, “Fine. I suppose that it’s only fair we fight with your strength as well.”

Lifting his arms up, Jakob launched the first attack, a wave of force that sent Jack skidding back across the room. It was only the bard’s strong combat stance that kept him standing, and he retaliated in kind, dropping to one knee and slamming a hand on the tile floor.

As he did, segments of the wall shot out, columns of granite coming in to strike at the Frejlordian summoner. Jakob responded in kind, sending walls up around him from the floor with a stomp of his foot, effectively blocking Jack’s strike. An outstretched hand covered itself in fire, which then shot like a lance towards the bard.

In response, Jack flicked a hand, the flame altering course to blast just by him, the flames no more than six inches from his face.

The two traded magical blows back and forth, the room becoming a weapon in of itself for the summoners’ purposes, the magic loud and boisterous even to those not attuned to it. However, Jakob managed to catch his musical companion off guard, tripping him with a flow of force, then binding his hands and feet to the floor.

Walking over, Jakob used another flow to bring Jack’s rapier to hand and rest it on his chest.


Chuckling, Jack responded, “Aye, I would be dead, but you’d be singing Soprano for the rest of your life.” As he finished that statement, Jakob felt his longsword’s blade edge up between his legs.

A glare from Jakob, a cocky smile from Jack, and the two released all their flows at once, allowing the weapons to drop and the bard to stand up. It was then that the two went about fixing the room.

As they each used various flows of magic to revert the room to its previous state, Jack began to speak.

“So when do you have another date with Cassi?”

“I don’t know. She didn’t say anything after the incident.”

“Are you really going to refer to it like that?”

Jakob paused in his work to send a flow of air to smack the bard in the head, “Fine. After she kissed me, causing my body to be flooded with poison, she didn’t say anything else.”

The bard nodded in self-satisfaction, “Well, maybe you should send her a letter. Profess your feelings, and let her know you don’t hold too much against her.”

“She’s not Caitlyn, Jack,” Jakob responded, “She’s not likely to respond to your deluded bardic sense of romance.”

“You’d be surprised. I’m not using my so-called ‘deluded sense’ of romance with Caitlyn.”

“Of course you’re not, because you know it doesn’t work.”

Jack’s response was a chuckle, followed by “Oh, how naïve you are.”

Rolling his eyes, Jakob set the last bit of stone back into place, “Well, so what if I do send her the letter? She’s probably not going to respond.”

Jack shrugged, “Never know until you try.”

With that, he left, taking a wide-brimmed brown hat from a peg on the wall and setting it atop his head, leaving Jakob to stew.

Eventually, he made his way back to his room, taking quill and ink and parchment to write a letter to Cassiopeia.

After three drafts and a few ink stains on his favorite set of summoner’s robes (he never understood why the sleeves had to be so big), he looked at the finished letter with satisfaction.

Lady Du Couteau,

Despite the rather eventful end to the other night, I would like to inform you that I rather enjoyed myself. If you would like, we could meet again, perhaps for a cup of tea or dinner. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Yours Truly,
Summoner Jakob of Frejlord

Sealing it up with a dab of wax, not using a signet ring to imprint it, he used a location/teleportation spell in order to send the letter right where he wanted, then went about his business for the rest of the day.

However, the day after sending the letter, while checking his mailbox, Jakob found a response, the red wax of the seal imprinted with a gently curving knife. Naturally, the summoner broke the seal and read.

Summoner Jakob,

It pleases me to know that, despite my problems, you still wish to see me. There is a tea shop in central Noxus that we could meet at, not too far from Sinful Succulence. I look forward to seeing you there tonight.


Cassiopeia Du Couteau

Jakob smiled inwardly, then looked out the window of the mail room. The sun was already high in the sky, meaning he had enough time for a match before he needed to prepare.

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To be honest i just love anything with cassiopeia not saying that this isn't well written of course.

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HEY JACK . Haven't read atm but i will. busy right now, i know i'tll be good.

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Nicely done! Sure hope poor Jakob builds up an immunity to said poison.

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Ooh, I love it!
Also, may I have a cameo? Big or small, doesn't matter. I'd prefer small, actually.
Hah! Beat you to it, Jayko!

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Oh this hasn't been updated I shall await your return of attention to this story after the red wedding