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2nd Skill For Mord?

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I bought him a few days back and am really enjoying playing him as a tank/occasional jungler. I have been using Ignite as suggested though I pretty much leave other champs alone unless it's a really good opportunity (low hp ignite/CotG combo or teammates nearby to CC) I've tried most of the other skills and really can't decide.

Heal is nice and let's me stay in the lane longer.
Cleanse can be good, but often enough it goes unused.
Fortify passive bonus is great early on, but I find that I'm generally not near my towers as Mord is a pretty good pusher.
Teleport is nice if there's a lot of enemy heroes nearby and i can hide in bushes to get away.
Ghost has been useful, but I've found I die often enough when I have to use it. Use it sooner?
Revive works pretty well, though I don't often have to use it early in the game.

I'm leaning Teleport or Heal. Though the former is more situational, and the latter has a pretty long cooldown for the effect...


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Controlled By Me

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I personally find Clairvoyance a good pick on Morde.
Each team should have 1 Clairvoyance IMO. It's great to check Dragon, suspicious bushes, Baron, or simply places you're expecting a gank. Consider this summoner spell when nobody else takes it.

If I were to play Mordekaiser, I would pick Ghost+Clairvoyance, or Ghost+Ignite if somebody else takes CV.
Ghost has saved my live so often, saved teammates lives, and also cost the enemy some lives. It's a very situational skill, but I think it nets me at least 1-3 kills and saves my ass just as often. Also good for quickly running to a tower that would otherwise be killed.

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Hey ^^

Just a thought: don't be afraid to attack champions, especially early game. Morde is very tough and will make most of them run like little girls. XD If you can manage to hit champions with syphon in a way that also damages the kreeps, you have done good damage + the shield will protect you from any potential counter-attacks.

I like getting ignite and exhaust for him, since early game I use them both to beat the **** out of somebody, and in mid/late game Exhaust has great team utility (you're a tank, think about the team) because there's always this one nasty DPS that takes people in seconds and it's a real gift from heaven to have an exhaust in the right moment. ^^

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Choco Boco



I like Ignite+Teleport. Ignite for helping finish off enemy champs, and Teleport to help get around the map more quickly to get to team fights and creep waves. I could also see using Ghost or Exhaust though. Ghost can help in initiation, protecting allies, or escaping, and Exhaust is good for shutting down enemy DPS for a few seconds.

Of the spells you listed, I would reccomend against bringing Revive and Fortify. Revive generally has too long a cooldown to be useful, and you generally want to avoid dying, which other spells help you with. You already identified one of the main problems with Fortify, but if I may add, if you need to defend a turret, you can just run or Teleport there and defend it yourself (assuming its not a full team push). Also, while Heal is nice when starting out, I feel it loses effectiveness over time, both in individual games and as you gain more experience with a champion.

Hope my opinion helps.

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hands down

Ignite + Exhaust

Ignite + Ghost is also viable

The reason you want Exhaust on Morde is two reasons

1. It's an early slow before you get Phage/Frozen Mallet/Rylars for early ganks

2. Late game, the blind helps major for DPS melee champs on top of your HP regen/shield and you should be able to solo almost anyone.

Ghost is Viable for reason number one and or running away which as The Metal Masher of Mayhem you shouldn't be doing all that much. I don't care what people tell you Mecury treads and maybe just maybe Ninja tabi are the only boots you should be buying anyway.