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[Guide] Evelynn - cry me a river

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Hello everybody!
My name is Andrey and I am going to present you my Evelynn guide.
I already posted this guide on Leaguecraft and it got some nice feedback
I hope you will like this guide as well

Video guide

As you all know Evelynn considered to be noob, low tier champion. She has no zoning abilities, no projectiles of any kind. She is all melee. Squishy melee that is. Plus she counters easily with a ward or an oracle...
but you still came here? You still reading this worthless Evelynn guides. You still love this purple ho? You still love being a total asscrack towards the other team? You like it? You like to hear in the end of the game "EVE CHEAP *******" and there is nothing better for you then seeing a ragequit and bunch of nubs crying in the end of the game?
Yes, I like it and you like it as well. And for us, miserable *******s, Evelynn was created. I see her as the only assassin hero in the game, but more on this later.
So, you ready to deep yourself in Eves' breasts and start reading this awful guide?
Well here we go!

Champion Spells

Determined Killer

Attacks from Minions deal 50% damage to Evelynn.
Could've been better. This reduction is barely noticeable and not this life changing. It may save your life when you are attacking the enemy champion and all minions start ganking up on you. But still, 99% of the time I forget about this passive.

Hate Spike

Damages the closest enemy unit with a lightning fast bolt of energy, dealing magic damage and 50% damage to a secondary nearby target.

Ahhh hate spike. Our Rylai's Scepter triggering ability, main DPS and just overall nice skill. More on it's usage later.

Shadow Walk

Evelynn fades away, becoming stealthed. Evelynn's next attack or damage ability will stun that unit, ending her Shadow Walk.

mmm NOM-NOM stealth! This is our main ability, what makes us true sexy assassin. You just have to use it once and you can see how enemy champions will back up a little.


Deals damage to target unit. If Ravage was used from behind, it reduces the target's armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds.

Evelynn is a pervert. If she has a boyfriend I feel sorry for him, lol. Jokes aside, our nuke ability. Fast CD, lotsa dmg, what's not to like?

Malice and Spite

Evelynn revels in the demise of champions she has aided in killing, healing herself for a portion of the victim's maximum health, she also gains the opportunity to increase her attack speed and movement speed for a short time.

Free ghost! YAY! having 1.7 AS in the late with this ability is awesome, towers will just melt.
And the passive! oh my god! What did you say? You heal when you kill or assist?! YES, PACK IT FOR ME!!!
Really, this will allow to stay in a team fight, tower dive and be an unstoppable rape machine.

Why Evelynn?
So, here I want to talk to you about Evelynn her self, what makes her best in the game, what is her role and all that stuff. If you are too lazy to read this, feel free to scroll down to read about masteries and all that.

Evelynn = AP. period.
You do not want her AD, you do not want to build her attack speed or dmg. NO. Only AP.
If you see Eve buying smth like Phantom Dancer you can just laugh.
You see. I have never ever met a situation where Eve stands face to face with enemy champ doing autoatacks. You are not Jax or Yi. You will not have TIME to do autoatacks. You either kill a target in 5 sec, or you are dead. You should do as much burst dmg as possible and then start chasing hitting Q, but NOT autoatacking.

Ok, as I stated our Eve is the ONLY assassin champion in game. Why? Well let's look.
Assassin should be fast, unnoticeable and to the point. By "point" I mean enemies ass and by "to" I mean your fists and claws.

Shaco?? No... The stealth is laughable, true assassin should not be seen. But shaco's stealth drop faster then the panties on the drunk party. He is just a joker.

Even with mobility boots he still moves like he crapped down his pants. He looks like a green blob to me.

Who else?
Teemo? Is just a beaver on shrooms.

Evelynn?? Fast moving speed 500> with your ult on, long stealth, stun, big nuke and great chasing possibilities. Target is dead? Ult and stealth on and you are on your base in 5 sec. True assassin.

What's her job as an assassin beside killing that Ashe whostayedinalinetoolongandaskstokillher?
Pick off running in fear *******s. So the nice team fight is in the center. You contribute by stuns and nice dmg. But as the one of the sides start losing (doesn't matter for you which) you should go stealth and search for low health heroes. Whether out team wins or not I usually find a relaxed low health kat returning to home. Cap her ass for easy money! Then ult and stealth again.

I was hoping for Evelynn buff since I start playing her, so, the new patch is here and what do I see. Removed base dodge... great, it doesn't really change out gameplay style, but still, I am kinda butthurted.

Ok enough of this boring nonsense. Let's move to more interesting part.

Masteries and runes

Ahhh... Masteries.

For masteries I go with 9/0/21
Why not 21/0/9? Beacuse cooldowns and mana are much more valuable for our poor Evelynn.
I will let you decide what should pick for yourself. If you can't figure it out I suggest you seeing a doctor.

Runes... use'em! magic penetration for read ones (to hit harder)
Mana regen for yellow ones (for us to stay in line till lvl 6 and not to feel mana problems)
Cooldowns for blue ones (for... take a wild a guess!)
Health for purple obviously

In the end we have solid mana regen allowing to use stealth - hate spike and ravage all night without buying regen items, good cooldowns for spamming skills and nice health bonus.

Oh no wait...

Summoner Abilities

Main choices:
Ignite - this is extra dmg and our only non-melee ability, lol
Flash - All around good spell. Flash to the turret, get a kill, turn ult to get away.
Smite - Getting buffs, kill minions, wreck money. This is good. But not as good as the other two, but still, if you feel like you'd use some money on Eve feel free to grab it.

So-so choices:
Cleanse - this is very very very good spell... but you'll find flash more useful... **** only if I had one more slot!
Exhaust - MMM slow and MR debuff... yesss yyyyeeees. NO stop tempting me! ignite is still better because we need this extra damage for a clean tower kills.
Clarity - If you like jungling too much or still have mana problems, this spell is "maybe" a good choise. But I think you already have a lot of mana regen to keep this mana coming.
Teleport - You just started to play Eve and still a little bit confused? Try this. Recall back, port to the mid tower, -> invis...

Bad choices:
Ghost - this is just an overkill.
Heal - you already heal by killing enemies, what more could you ask for?
Fortify - it's good spell... **** good... but not for you...
Clairvoyance - you already have invis to scout bushes and map, no need for that.



I hate giving items order... everyone should figure it out themselves. There is no such thing as a perfect item build. NO. It is unique for every match.
But I'll still will go through her items, which are good choices, you know.
Core items:
I get'em every game. They are very cheap and go a long way.
Boots of Mobility +
Mejai's Soulstealer
that's all, lol
THIS out two main items, this will give us kills.
Boots - for scouting the map with the speed of a beer in a friends company.
and Soulstealer to have a lot of AP.
You may be losing but you will still get this items. why? In the mid game a lot of ganking start taking place, and if you are not tanking, chances are - you will get some kills and assists. Start to play careful, maybe doing only assist first. Each stack = more dmg = easier killing.
So if you are not complete vegetable you will keep you stacks 10> all the time.

next will go items I just like and I get one of them depending on how my game is going.

Rylai's Scepter

WAIT A SECOND, WHAAAT? Health + AP + slow on our spammable ability? All this for a reasonable price? Yes please.
most of the time, if I'm not sure what to built next, I go for this one starting with the belt.

Deathfire Grasp

I like that item very much...
So much I wanted to put it into my core items.
Yes it's so good. Mostly because it has RANGE ABILITY! It is so satisfying to fire this big ball at the running enemy and get yourself a kill... mmm nomnom!

Hextech Gunblade

This is a new item... but the more I use the more I like it.
It gives us ALL. and... and RANGE ABILITY YAAAAY! 700 range HOOOLYY BUBBLES!

I am kinda curious about spell vamp concept. In theory we could run after the opponent and use our Q and replenish our health... that's kinda interesting.
If they would add more spell vamp items I'll think about the way to make our hate spike main dmg source.

Banshee's Veil

this item is just... to awesome to pass...
in a nutshell if I see someone with heavy stuns on the other team I will get it.
Ashe - Sion - TF - Annie = Banshee for sure.
especially TF because it can block his ULT! So he won't see you!

Zhonya's Ring

well... a lot of AP... that's all =)

What items NOT to buy

Ok, new section here.
I will list items here that you should not buy.
I know I can get negative feedback, because of this, but I will try to explain why in details.
k, ready? here we go.

Lich Bane
ok ok, I already had a lot arguments with people who buy it. This item IS stupid. You do NOT want this. It looks great on some heroes, but not on you.
-We can only apply first hit with this.
We can't wait 3 sec till it recharged, chances are, you will only have one chance to hit with this, maybe two. Not worth it.
To really get this item ON, you need AP, and I mean a LOT of it, like 300>. But Eve never going to have so many, and if you have, that means you have no health and you go down in battle like in 3 sec. Ironically it's the time to recharge this item, lol
It costs freagin' a lot, delaying our main build so much.
OK, we buy two our main items boots and mejai, it's somewhere in 7-8 lvl, sooner, if you are doing good at the beginning. Next we want health right away, will it be banshees or rylai or go****it whatever but not this item. You see, everyone already hit lvl 6, so appearing in a teambattle may hurt now, hurt a lot. And if you bought Sheen instead of a Giant's Belt, you are going down, lol.

ok ok, it is "maybe" a good item in the end of the game, when it's like going for 1.5 hours, but still, stay away from it.

Archangel's Staff
Tempting, spamming our Q will bring us lots of mana in no time... But we don't need this really, and the AP bonus looks terrible, as we don't stack mana.
Stay away.

Sunfire Cape
I saw Evelynn who was stacking this things, she said she was "tanking" I was loling my balls off.
I really hate when someone trying to turn a champion into something he does not suit for.
Eve is NOT a tank, yes, it's funny stand next to people and burn them, but what's your real contribution? This bunch of health will not save you in 1vs1 situations if only I could... I dunno... DO MORE DAMAGE?!
stay away.

I will update this

Lining and friends

Here we will talk about good line mates and lining phase.

SOo! Friends! Not only line friends but just good fellows to play with.

Sion - the key word here... double stun. "This is gay" said one Sion who I was lining with when we were both dominating. The pattern was like this. I stun -> hit -> Sion jumps out of bushes with shield and his stun -> ass knotting -> UNSTOPPABLE!

Shen - Great allie to save your ass. + taunt and a little bit of burst dmg, all go good with you.

Zilean - speed buff, heavy bombs dmg and letting you do double kills under the tower... come with me you beardy guy!

Anivia - this is dangerous... but rewarding. Again double stun... but the key here is burst dmg... both of you can unleash INSANE amount of dmg in 3 sec. making opponents face full of ice and cuts.

Blitzcrank - stun the target -> grab -> more stun -> face full of fists!

Morgana - This is nice, deadly combo
stun -> root -> pain river -> hate spike up the ars.
You know what morgana can do? keep hurted opponents near you... and that's great

Twitch - Two stealth in one line is gay... but... I just can't resist it. Both of you go invis making your opponents feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable so they need to go to base to buy wards... this is when your duet ends, lol.

Kayle - speed for you, slow for the opponent = wins!

Sion - the key word here... double ...
oh wait... oh sorry, laning with Sion is just so great, I want to put him twice here, seriously, each time I was laning with Sion we were winning the line and then the game.

Let's talk about PHASES now.


1 - 5 lvl

hard for you. Get skills like this WEEQW
The reason for that is that first lvl stealth has just pathetic time.

You main objective here is go in bushes a lot and go invis from there looking for a nice kick-a-butt situations.

Coordinate with your linemate a lot and overall be aggressive, but calm. Don't throw your ass in a big fights just yet.


6 - 11 lvl

ganking time YAY!
Get yourself some shoes and it's time to hit the map.
Here you must be aggresive. Tower dive, big fights, ass-kicking. go for it!
Help your teammates to push the tower with your ult. Help ganking. Start getting map control.
Show them that you can be in any part of the map in any time. So they will have deep fear of you and go buy oracles with tears on their eyes.


12 - 9000 lvl

Just keep the job up. It's time for team fights. Find whoever is running away and nail this ho.
Do everything you can. The only thing you shoudn't do is INITIATE A TEAM FIGHT. NEVER EVER THINK ABOUT IT.
You will be dead faster then you can say "ASS"!

Tips and tricks

Okay, I will torture you a little more and you can run to play Eve

Tower dive - from lvl 6 you can do it easily. The pattern goes like this. I see a near-dead person chilling near tower. Being very defensive.
-go around the tower
-turn on your ult, if it's not ready then prepare flash.
-flash/run to your enemy near tower and unleash stun as fast as possible. Chances he will have not enough time to react or he will just panic.
-get a kill, turn on the ult and get your ass outta here.

Map dominating - ok, as I said, till lvl 6 go into the bushes a lot and do invis there so the enemies will hear it. The main point of it is to make it common. So when on the 6 lvl you go invis again they won't call mia.
So you hit lvl 6 check your money
if 1000>
bushes -> invis -> recall -> buy boots -> go gang-rape without enemy calling mia.

I was playing around as kayle, just a little variety, you know. So I was against Evelynn and she was pretty good. And there was one thing I understood. IF you do not see Evelynn on the map, you start feeling uneasy. If you see her down in the bottom farming creeps, you relaxed. But as soon as she off the map, you start worrying and fall back a little.
So as Evelynn player try to stay in bushes. Pull of 1 successful gank and believe me, every time you go from their map, they will start to fall back.
She may not have range abilities, but she has total map domination.

Jungle stealing
This might be fun.
If you are somewhat winning and pushed them back, but yet not near the tower, check the enemies golem or lizard, chances are, you will find somebody there. The point is, do not atack the person, but steal the buff with your E as soon as it's low and then run away.
Seriously, I once stole a warwicks lizard and he was standing there like 5 sec. thinking this over and then started to trash me down in all, I was just loling on my floor

Do they see me?
Okay, right after level 6 or 9 they can start buying oracles and wards, how do you know if they have this **** or not?
-Before going in for gank, quickly click each hero to see, if they have any oracles.
-Do a faint move, I mean first move to him and then suddenly fall back, if they used there skillshots... they see you.
-Glowing orange aura... I think everybody knows about this, when an enemy person targets you, he will have slight glowing orange aura.
This works on minions too, just go in stealth ahead of your minions, and if the enemy ones start to glow orange, FALL BACK, WARD HERE!!
(this one actually saved my ass so many times, if this Ryze starts glowing when I am in stealh, OH GOD **** FALL BACK!

Another stealh hero.
It may so happen, that enemy can pick stealh as well, if this is a twitch, I am no worried, I eat them for breakfast, our charged ravage will just eat a good half of there health, but if it is Evelynn... this makes for a hard game
If the enemy Evelynn is good, it will become a rush, who buys oracles first.
YES! It is YOUR duty to buy oracles, if the enemy have stealh.
When you buy oracles, this gets funny. VS twitch you just get to him, while he is in stealh, and pound his face in. If he has oracles, no problem, he will start atacking you, thinking he can win, but your damage will prove him otherwise.
VS other Evelynn the strategy is the same... BUT... if she has oracles as well, this becomes a dirty play. Who have the better reaction? Who casts stun first = win.

Double stun.
Wait what? Eve can double stun?
2 second DOUBLE STUN.
Oh wait, but Eve suck ass right? Well, wrong dude.
Turn on invis and in a team fight cast Hate spike. Because it targets two people at the same time, you'll get double stun! Now that's heavy

Hateful heroes

Ok, let's see what champions will just grind your ass long and hard. I will go alphabetical.

Alistar - tank... a very heavy one. With his ult and abilities you can hardly even scratch him. But he... he can nail your ass to his turret and rape you apart there. So be careful. Another thing if this beast buys an oracle. This is just a big pain in all parts of our body. A fully geared Alistar with oracle is just... ahm...
Well anyway coordinate with your teammates to do a surprise atack on him and get a kill before 4 angry enemies with foam around their mouthes run and cap your ass for all it's worth.

Anivia - No, no it's not burst dmg, it's her egg. There were so many times I happily kill Anivia near turret, only to realize that she is alive and I do not have enough time. And usually. I die.
Be aware of her egg form, other then that. Easy, fast kill.

Blitzcrank - Big junk of metal... I hate him, hate him with all my heart! Grab is your worth nightmare ever possible. Try to stay away and don't get cocky. Killing champs in your line with him is twise as hard now. So quickly reach lvl 6 to get the hell out and go wreck some money.

Cho'Gath - A big health fountain. But it's not his health I fear of... his ult... you think you can kill him, he has one bar of life left... C'MON! NOM-Nom-NOM "You have been slain!" GOD****IT!!
Overall try not to assault this big guy, bad idea.

Corki - Your nature enemy. Be highly aware of his bomb, which can reveal you and ruin your plans. Better what, change lines if you see him.

Evelynn - stupid, noob, KS character. Buy oracles and kick her out? Yep

Heimerdinger - Seems like an easy champ to kill. But ahhh no. His turrets will drain you life pretty fast and he will get you with rockets and granedes. Try to catch him without his buildings.

Janna - Eye Of The Storm -> Howling Gale -> Eye Of The Storm -> Howling Gale -> Eye Of The Storm -> Howling Gale "You have been slain!" JESUSCRHIST!!

Kayle - I like her... Like to play her, hate to play against her. She can stand up to you pretty easely + if you are in a lane agaisnt Kayle this makes for a long harassment.
Reckoning -> Reckoning -> Reckoning -> Reckoning
And you are on your base patching the wounds. Try not to approach her, better coordinate with your linemate to get a nice clean kill.

Morgana - Good luck assaulting her full health.
Good tip - do her in 2 or 3 tries. You will not kill her in one go. Try to approach her in small bursts and then go for a big fat kill.

Malzahar / Veigar - This is only two heroes which I won't approach near turret. They will drain your life in one clean combo. Be creative in killing them. And by creative I mean wait till they go out of turret and kill them in one big swipe.

Rammus / Shen - Puncturing Taunt and Shadow Dash while rammus taunt is much longer and painful if he brings you to his nice party. Shens' taunt can catch you out of your stealth! which is pretty bad. So be aware of it, wait for them to use it and then atack.

Udyr - This is your brother. This guy feels you completely. He understands your pain. Thing is... he is fully melee as well. And you know what that means? Right, you will probably fail 11. Shield - stun - and AOEanti-stealh. Careful!
To beat this guy, you need to wait till that nasty shield wears off and put a stun on him and hope that he will be dead before he can activate turtle again.
(I bet they drink beer in the pub together after the fight)
I will update this soon


Currently I am waiting for a Evelynn changes, so I can alter my guide and leave it like this until I have new information.
If you enjoyed reading my guide, then, please, rate and comment.
Do not be offended by my rants, I am just fcking around here

If you gonna give bad scores to my guide, please, state the reason in comments, so I know what to improve...
If you are a butthurted ***, who can't express or defend his opinion... then, you are welcome to give me bad marks all you want without stating the reason

Thanks for reading
Andrey signing out.

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Tbh the thing Eve does the greatest is counter jungle with smite and ghost. You should try it it's pretty amazing.

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I am somewhat bothered that you do NOT recommend Lich Bane. But at the same time I do agree that the cost + lack of survivability is somewhat troublesome.
However the way I see it it greatly improves burst, you just need that trigger once. If you chase you are almost certain to trigger it a second time.
Rylai's is indeed a must as it really does help survivability and perhaps you want this item first.
Getting a early sheen + boots of mobility is amazing for getting early ganks.
That is why I build Sheen, Boots of Mobility, Mejai's, Lich from sheen and I'm pretty much set however I KNOW I am very voulnerable at this stage so a Giants is top priority from here and then Rylai's.

Nifty info tho but we part ways on Lich tho =P

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This sounds fun.
But... you can't be entirely sure that the other team is going to have junglers.
I agree about smite, I used when I just start playing Eve, but now, flash is just overall better.
But ghost? meh

You know... I let my mejais stacks speak for me.
Buy mejais - go gang (nobody have wards-oracles yet) 8 stacks is already a big difference.
I do not usually need this little extra burst.
Say what, try it one time with premade
mobility - mejais - rilays - banshees veil.

now you can just solo the turret, stand 2vs1 with anybody and just break all of the Evelynn common steryotypes.
And all the damage I want comes from mejais and rylais.

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Senior Member


most fun guide i have read in a long time. keep up the good work. ill be coming back to see your updates. good job on this guide.

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Junior Member


You have only 2 Games (1 win, 1 loss) with Evelynn and making a guide?

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Senior Member


Hehe, pretty good guide. As a Cho main, I did enjoy how you mentioned my favorite giant beasty and how unassailable he is. But seriously, Eve gets a lot of flak for being 'unplayable', so thanks for putting out a decent guide on how to do it right

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  1. I like Evelynn very much. The main difference in my build is me not building Mejai's but getting Sheen -> Lichbane (after Rylai's). I'd say that early Sheen helps a lot with my jungling (I jungle early game). Lategame Lichbane adds to my burst and helps solo pushing towers. But I think I should try your build sometime.
  2. Please, add a hint about stunning two enemy heroes with Hate Spikes in teambattles.
  3. You should consider removing your tip about "stealth teleport", because I think after one of the latest patches Teleport breaks stealth now. I find it to be one of the most frustrating nerfs to Evelynn, but I still like to take Teleport for the extra mobility.
Thank you for making that guide! Oh, and the picture is SO sexy! =))

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dumb hat

Junior Member


You might just have the worst English I've ever read on these forums.

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Junior Member


akali = far better assasin