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Ask Sona

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Lady Sona,

After searching much through the ranks of the league I found myself continuing to call upon you and your beautiful harmonies. But I feel left with a lingering question about you since it is hard to understand someone so complex. To hear your music on the battlefield is amazing and even more so amazing is that you can concentrate upon your music while dealing with the immense dangers of the fields of justice, How do you manage to maintain your song and fight at the same time? Trying such a thing would probably get me killed so you are an inspiration to me!

Though i hide behind the name of your doppleganger my true name is

Riina Inverse
Summoner of Song

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Hello this is Teemo can i have a private show?

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Dear Sona,
I have two questions,
1. Who is you best friend in the League?
2. What skin of your's do you dislike most?