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[Guide]Twitch the Snitch

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To begin with, I do not main Twitch, but I feel this guide is far more up to date than the half dozen in the thread that tell people to do stupid ****. If you do main Twitch, successfully, and you find an issue with this guide then PLEASE do not downrank me. Instead, tell me what's wrong and I'll do my best to fix it. Any other critique would be very much appreciated. Thank you for reading!


Offensive: Crit, armor penetration, damage, critical strike damage, and %5 extra damage
Utility: Mana regen, increased experience, and extra time on neutral buffs

Red: ArP (May change with the incoming ArP rune nerf); Critical strike CHANCE are also not wholly terrible
Yellow: Dodge or health per level
Blue: CDR, mana regen per level, or flat mana regen
Quints: Flat HP
Alternatively you could do a full page of armor pen or critical. This makes you squishier, but hit much harder.

Summoner Abilities:
These can always change, but it is best to pick (in ranked) as it benefits to counter the enemy team.

Solid Picks:

Teleport - You can teleport while stealthed to a stealthed ward and literally switch from top to bottom in seconds before anyone could begin to do a MIA call and with no one being the wiser. This can be handy, especially in solo queue, to help another lane that is being dominated.

Ignite - The superiority of healing support champions and the change to cleanse makes this an almost no brainer for a stealthed assassin.

Flash - It's a get out of fail free card that can put enough space between you and an enemy for stealth to finish fading you out.

Exhaust - I hate you other carry, gtfo.

Cleanse - This used to be mandatory when it removed exhaust. Now it's only good for very CC/AoE CC heavy teams.

Starting Item: Doran's Shield or Doran's Blade + one health restore potion. I prefer Doran's Shield because it gives you a guaranteed return to your health whereas the blade requires constant autoattacking to restore, which in most cases is counterproductive and leads to overextending.

Second Trip Back: Save up for as long as possible. If you can manage to go back at 1850g and buy a BF Sword, then great job. If not, then pick up 1-3 long swords. These will build into a brutalizer and a last whisper down the road. Also, boots are a good pick if you can afford them + something else.

Third Trip Back: Whatever you failed to buy in the second trip back, buy now. If you got a BF sword then begin a Last Whisper or if you did amazingly well buy another BF Sword!

Fourth Trip Back: Finish your boots. Mercury's Treads are almost always the sweet spot for everyone. Alternatively, you can pick swiftness or mobility for early ganks and then sell those and buy mercury's when it becomes more teamfight orienated.

Alright, so the core item build that I personally go for:
Mercury's Treads/Ninja Tabi/Swiftness/Mobility
Last Whisper
Infinity Edge
Your game should be done before this point, but if it extends past it then you can build as needed. Banshee's Veil is not terrible, more damage(bloodthirsters) is not terrible. A Ghostblade will AS cap you during SnP, provide more crit and ArP, and could help you GTFO.
Black Cleaver - Heavy tank or armor stacking teams.
Madred's Bloodrazor - helps versus heavy HP/tank teams
*I've heard Tiamats with Twitch, but I've never done it and cannot speak to its effectiveness.

Items to avoid:
Berserker's Greaves - The reason is pretty simple. You don't need AS. Mercury's Treads are simply better. You will almost always need a lesser duration on CC because most smart teams save CC for the uber damage carry. Also, .7 seconds off of a 2 second stun will -always- grant you more DPS than 25% AS and taking a full 2 second stun. Also, the magic resist is nice.

Malady - As said repeatedly at this point, AS is a garbage stat for Twitch. You can almost AS cap yourself without any items using ambush and SnP. Also, the unique passive requires you to stack it to be effective. To be quite honest, anyone that isn't a tank is almost always dead, at all stages of the game, before you hit them six times. This means that passive you paid gold for is wasted.

Stark's Fervor - While this is a very solid item it -IS- a support item and you are a powerful carry. Also, you use a 1000 range missle and it does not usually benefit you to be close enough to apply the armor debuff to your enemies.
Pretty much anything that gives you AS besides the core items should be avoided.

Skill Order:
Ambush OR Expunge, as the situation fits. I pick my first skill when I get to my lane. Do they have a Garen and you need to check the bushes? Ambush. Do you see an enemy? I typically go for expunge first because it simply packs more of a punch in a level 1 fight than 20% more AS.

2.)Whichever you didn't pick at 1
4.)Debilitating Poison
6.)Spray and Pray
Then continue with SnP > Expunge > Ambush > Debilitating Poison

Playing as Twitch(Tips, Suggestions, and Strategies):
Early Game:
*You are not a god yet. You're a carry and your early game, as most carries, is usually a bit weaker than support, tanks, or mages. Be mindful of them.
*Play very defensively until SnP, but don't be afraid to pop a few autoattacks + expunge if you feel you're being pushed out of the lane.
*As with all carries, last hitting is your friend. Learn it, love it. You should almost NEVER be autoattacking creeps. The reason is this causes you to overextend and almost always results in less gold than last hitting. Both of these are bad, bad things. The exception to this is when you're being overpushed and you need to autoattack to help control the flow of creeps.
*Once you have SnP always have the lizard buff. No other champion can simultaneously put the damage/slow on every champion near him.
*You need to farm, farm, farm for as long and hard as you can in the early game; however, also pay attention to the other lanes. Is that (insert champion here) repeatedly over-extending on bottom with sub 50% health? Gank it, gank it good.
Mid Game:
*Farming is either over or almost over, so start rolling with your team for ganks and/or teamfights.
*Be very mindful of your positioning. Do not bring up the rear of your team yet do not go out in front.(More on this below)
Late Game:
*Push and kill. I don't really know what else to tell you here.
*If your team stallmates at a tower, then you -can- do some magic tricks with SnP to outrange towers and/or massively damage their team beneath the tower without anyone having to go under the turret.

Random Suggestions/Tips:
*After mid game, you should never scout for your team when everyone is mia. This was something I did a lot when I first played Twitch and it is something I see noob Twitches do a lot. The reason behind this is that brush sometimes holds a ward or an oracle person + an entire team. That's not good.
*You or someone on your team needs to buy an oracle to kill wards because when I fight Twitch I ward a lane and dedicate my team to pushing the warded lane.
*If a team is overly aggressive and/or your team sucks, you can turn it around by waiting a few seconds after they begin pushing a turret. SnP will clear them out and may even net you some kills or get a good counterpush going.

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whats that smell?

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Honestly, there is a lot of very questionable advice here.