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1200-1500 jungling

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So I have recently tried jungling to get me out of low elo and it is slowly working, but I do have some questions. My main junglers go skarner, shyv, udyr. I hardly jungle with anyone else since I started this fad cause i just think those 3 are much better than my other options (ammumu, and fiddle).

I am 7-4 with skarner, 2-1 with shyv, 2-0 with udyr, and (randomly?) 3-1 with ammumu.

1. How can I get better. Sometimes I will go 6-0-15 with skarner and other times 1-3-3. It's easy to say, well my laners just don't know how to help gank or they are already getting eaten alive by who they are jungling against. Sometimes I feel like it is hard to know when to farm jungle or when to gank, because I do not want to get behind other jungler.

2. Also, we got stopped by a solo top nid last game who kept stealing my blue. I guess I need to be more aware of when exactly our jungles buffs come back up.

3. As far as being offensive in their jungle, how should I go about it? I would love to steal their jungle so they lose out on exp and gold.

4. Lastly, I want to compliment my team as best as I can. My thinking is that I will take skarner if we lack CC and then shyv if we do not. But maybe there is more to it? shyv just does so much more damage than skarner and she's a lot more fun to play imo.

p.s. keep in mind this advice needs to be tailored to 1200-1400 junglers. How to carry my team as best I can. Yes, I do ward.

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I take skarner or udyr when my team lacks cc or initiation. Shyvana is really strong if your team already has lots of cc. Late game she can be a complete monster with a full build. Red/Blue have 5 minute respawns, dragon six and baron seven.

I have the same problem as you with #1. I think it's a combination of the team not being as responsive/skilled and sometimes me just not picking the right champ for what we need. If you pick skarner or udyr when the enemy team has lots of kiting champs it's hard to get the job done.

I personally enjoy the same champs as you and am having a hard time finding one that isn't susceptable to kiting that I enjoy.

Being offensive in the jungle comes with time. It's dangerous to be offensive if you don't know where they are. Sometimes If I am top and I see them bot I will dip across into their top and see what's up, it's all about knowing where they are, and if you don't, whether you can beat them in a 1v1, and if their lanes will come to help or not. Some junglers aren't very safe to counter jungle with, you get to know over time how your matchup will go.

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A lot of times you have to consider what the other jungler is. A jungle trundle or jarvan will be in your allies' face more than in the jungle, while a nunu or nocturne will find better time gimping your own jungle and waiting until their ults come into play. When you're in a situation where a very aggressive jungler is against you, such as a shaco or rammus, take note of which lane they recently ganked and try to grab their opposite side creeps. This way, it ensures that unless their ganks are successful they waste time and lane xp while you take buffs and levels away.

Udyr and shyvana are excellent early game junglers because they dont need an ult to grab kills. Grabbing an early red on shyv and bear on udyr at level 2 can lead to an unexpected flash +stun or slow combo. When you want to gank aggressively make sure that your lane can follow up. Stun champions are very excellent at baiting, so make sure you ping beforehand so they can stop playing aggressive and risk pushing out the lane.

By far the most frustrating part of being a jungler is listening to nonstop complaints that you keep your head in the jungle too long when they pushed their lanes into the enemy tower. Make sure that when you gank it isn't because someone is threatening to report you for inactivity. Seeing extended lanes are invitations to free kills, especially when the river is unwarded.

As far as tricky champions go, nidalee, vladamir, kennen, and morgana are among the most irritating to gank. If your lane partner is having trouble controlling their lane without it being pushed, it might be worth some extra time keeping lane pressure and driving them back to their tower. However, if it's a top lane that needs extra help, your constant presence can enable a dragon steal without you knowing (shaco is very good at this because he can deceive over walls). Remember to ward wherever your teammates arent and keep the enemy guessing your location.

The largest factor between great junglers and mediocre ones is the ability to sacrifice certain objectives. If that solo top bruiser nidalee is pushing your solo top out of their lane, then focus more on mid and bottom lanes. A great time to sneak a dragon is when the enemy jungler is attacking the top lane, just ping it and let your bottom and mid support you. Very commonly, lower level players will insult and scold you for going after dragon when the tower is going, but if we do some math, 150g X 5 (tower kill) seems a little smaller than 190 X 5 (dragon kill).

Regarding neutral creeps, remember the 5,6,7 rule: 5 minutes on buffs, 6 minutes on dragon, and 7 on baron. Even if you feel silly for typing them in chat, they can be helpful for remembering when to group.

Hope this helps, good luck in the jungle and ganks

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I like to jungle Nunu in ranked for counter jungle abilities...here is some tips to grind that ElO
-Mark respawn time in chat helps a ton 5 mins for Red/Blue 6 mins for Dragon 7 for Baron
-When junglin Champs that are not Blue dependant try to give away blue to your Mid AP
-WARD WARD WARD either offensively in enemy jungle to have an idea of where enemy jungler is or defensively if your jungle is getting wiped
-Ideal time to gank is when enemy goes a bit past the middle line but you must also be aware of your ally summoners status such as ignite etc.
-PING PING PING often people don't pay attention to incoming ganks from junglers especially in lower ELO pinging might be annoying but it helps
-Map awareness is key.
-You can add me my IGN: RapeFetus we can duo i am around 1300's right now

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Linden Ryuujin

Senior Member


I mainly jungle, but I'm no expert. Here are my thoughts for what they are worth.

1. Practice is the best way to get better. Leaning a new jungler can take some time. If things aren't working quite right, think about shifting runes or masteries. You'll know when you've got it write as things start to feel smoother. When jungling you really have to been baby sitting everyone. Keep an eye on the map. Remember that you don't have to gank. Ever. Ganks are a nice extra, but no lane should be relying on them. This doesn't mean you shouldn't gank. Every time you've clear a camp check the map and see if any near by lanes are in a good position for a gank. You choose this, no one else. You know your char, and you abilities (as a player). If your team is pushing often you can't gank don't get pressured to feeding a bad lane even more. A bad gank where you and the person you're "helping" dies has a larger and worse effect than missing a good gank IMO. Get to know when you're strongest (eg. Shyvana after 6 has incredible tower diving ganks: dragon into tower with the increased armour deal damage and then flash out to safety. Rammus is great at pressuring people at the half way point, power ball forcing them to move away and taunt holding people in place. Skarner and do a great job almost anywhere by pulling people offside. etc)

2. Keeping track of jungle timers is an important skill. I have the jungle timer app on my android phone, it's perfect for keeping track of when buffs are taken down (Just tap the icon and it does a count down for you) but you I used to write down times on a bit of paper. Remembering to mark it take more time than you'd expect. If you ever take an enemy buff you really need to keep the timer nailed down. Ideally you want to be back and waiting for it just as it respawns to keep it out of enemy hands. Use the brush to your advantage. At low ELO I find you can often hide in the brush while the enemy jungler goes for a buff and then smite steal it at the last second. On this same note, always fight for buffs while standing in the brush so people can't do this to you (preferable get the mob into the brush too to make it even harder).
Also wards: Wriggles is pretty much mandatory for junglers, but also never leave the shop without a ward or two extra. If you're getting counter jungled ward your buffs, ward their buffs, ward choke points in the jungle. If you're going for their red ward the patch of brush they have to take if they're entering from mid. It gives you early warning as it is the most used entrance.

3. In addition to the above map awareness helps a lot here. Any free second (when you're moving for example) cast your eye over the map. If you can see their jungler and he's on the other side of the map (thus you can't help against him) hit their jungle. Stick wards in their brush. For the smaller camps (like wrathes) I often leave a mob behind to stop them re-spawning (unless I know I'm going to be able in a take them myself often, eg their jungler is poor or ganking a lot). I pretty much never leave mobs alive with buffs as I'd rather get the timer on it so I can steal it again (obviously if you leave small mobs for them to clear you don't know when the cool down starts).

4. Complementing your team can be tricky as a jungle. Getting some extra CC or building particularly tanky if needed can be a help. Also counter picking either their jungler or solo top can help (eg I often take Jax if I see they have Trynamere, or Rammus if I know their bot line up is going to be hard for our bot, shy is a great counter jungler so if I see they're taking shaco she would be my first choice). Counters/team picking is still my weakest point so not much more for me to add here.