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Art of Revelry Pseudo-entry

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Roland Gridley

Junior Member


Now, I don't post often but I like to read what happens in the confines of the Fan Fiction board. Sometimes it's glorious, sometimes it's terrifying, others are some delightful mix. This will be my first bit of fan fiction with LoL, hopefully my posting here will be among the good ones.

Some back story first -- I wanted to enter something into the Art of Revelry contest. I can doodle some, sure, but nothing comparable to the glorious compositions that currently inhabit the Art of Revelry thread. Like you, however, I can write. I can make words do entertaining things, I tell myself anyway.

Enough about me though, the entry!

Out of character? A tad, I'm sure, but it's definitely in Shaco to follow a rule or two to have a bit more fun in the end. What do you think?

So you don't have to load the image to read:

As a being of legend
I tend not to dabble
in the dreams and delusions
Of pauperous rabble,

But this story is different,
No outright knife-slashing
Or roped-up neck jokes, just lovely,
Aged and humorous caching.

Sandra never laughed.
And Joheim? Only once.
You’d think they’d be more chipper,
What with their sudden bunce

First came the weeks of Revel.
Joheim and Sandra had married,
But poverty struck them hard
And the search for work was harried.

They goaded the gods
Of both wealth and wrath
With nigh a result, that’s when
This story first crossed my path.

Joheim, in secret, pledged his first born.
Sandra, not knowing, pledged hers as well.
Both to yours truly, the Demon Jester,
The dark squire from hell!

Hearts of gold and
Philospher’s stones
Kept their wallets full and
Replenished flesh and bones.

A child came about during
the second Winter Revel.
A boisterous boy of laughs,
A gift fit for a devil.

They conjured the image of some
Decapitated general,
Then pleaded and begged,
But both proved to be ephemeral.

I took him from his mother,
And looked in to her eyes,
“Your debt has been paid.”
Then she began her cries.

She cried, “My baby, my boy!”
I laughed, “Your debt, your health.”
She shook, “I made a mistake….”
He blinked, “Our wealth….”

“You promised our boy?”
“You did as well!”
“Now he‘s gone.”
“We deserve this hell.”

I chuckled and nodded,
And knew I’d be back.
I thought I’d get one child,
And thought they’d get slack.

The third Winter Revel
And I’m around again.
I’m a tad late, I’ll admit,
Now the day of yusheng.

The second child smiled
And I laughed to see her face
Joheim and Sandra, though
Jumped to deflect with great apace

Joheim yelled, “She’s ours! Leave!”
I smiled and gave him his hell,
“This would have been easier…
Had the first been yours as well.”

Now, onto the children.
Never mind their age,
The giggling little things
Never made it past this page.