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Arreat theDamaja

Junior Member


So since the new season started I got into playing ranked games for of course, the enjoyment of having a ranking of some sort. Since I started playing LoL I've just about only played 5v5 Solo non-ranked and I came across trolls, all shapes and sizes; with personalities that I wasn't even aware existed.

Anyways, so I join ranked 5v5 queue and everything goes normal. My team gets first ban, and the 'leader' (or whatever) doesn't make first ban. I think, oh he's probably not at his keyboard, that sucks. He ends up making the 3/6 ban. I comment on how he hadn't made first ban and he says, 'yeah I didn't use first ban, and now thanks to you I'm not going to use our last'.


I could dodge, and wait because of the dodge penalty. But that's unfair to me, since I dodged a game I firmly believe I would have lost, and not enjoyed. How do you deal with trolls in ranked queue. I feel as if that's where you're most vulnerable. As far as I know (I've only used it a few times) the Tribunal doesn't show the chat log from the queue.

Maybe I'm just being a baby but this sort of thing frustrates me beyond belief. From point one, in queue, people troll; and when you dodge the troll game you have to wait.

Trolls in queue.

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8Bit Poro

Senior Member


Stop fueling them, stop crying about it, and just play your best and be as encouraging as you can. The less you troll your team, the less they troll you.

PS: Dodging makes you lose just as much elo as a loss, so you might as well just play

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Sunli Min



agree to the above except you dont loose "just as much" elo, you loose 10.
once your elo settles you should loss/win 12~ elo per game, give or take 2 depending on the teams elo differences. Its always -10 for a dodge.

But he is right, just play the game to the best of your extend