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[Guide] Tank Teemo

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Everyone knows Teemo as the lovable squishy dps.
People like killing Teemo off first or any other squishy heroes (especially in group fights). Well, with this build, Teemo can last for a long time and still manage to do a good amount of damage.

So far, I have used this build and won every single game with Teemo. Of course, my team knew what they were doing and we were all keeping each other informed of whats going on (I had a few solo games and I won them to).

I Have one quintessence of hp, The others are crits, along with pretty much every other rune. (these crits are for some damage)

Summoner Spells
Teleport to get around the map quickly (like defend a tower, proxy shroom, etc.)
Exhaust for blinding your enemies in team fights and catching stragglers.

My masteries are 21/9/0
This is for the damage. (for harass, or to chip away at your enemies)

Warmog's Armor
Ninja Tabi
Force of Nature
Frozen Mallet
Atma's Impaler
Guardian Angels

Item Breakdown
Regrowth Pendant

Ruby Crystal or Giant's Belt (which ever one you can get first)

Ruby Crystal or Gian'ts Belt (which ever one you didn't get on your last shop stop)

Ninja Tabi (you might not be able to buy it on your first stop, so go with the boots of speed because you are pretty slow)

Warmog's armor

Build up to Force of Nature (for magic resistance)

Build up to Frozen Mallet (to catch stragglers when they are running away (you chase with your team of course))

Build to Atma's Impaler

Build to Guardian's Angels

1. toxic shot
2. blinding dart
3. toxic shot
4. move quick
5. toxic shot
6. noxious trap
7. toxic shot
8. blinding dart
9. toxic shot
10. blinding dart
11. noxious trap
12. blinding dart
13. blinding dart
14. move quick
15. move quick
16. noxious trap
17. move quick
18. move quick

Extra info:
When planting your mushrooms, place them at places that show if you are going to get ganked and at random ass bushes because chances are that a fleeing hero will run into it and die.

You are not God, meaning that chances are you might die in team fights. The way I use tank Teemo is to take up as much damage as possible (without dieing) then bail out. That is probably the obvious thing to do, but with your mushrooms and move quick, you can get out faster. People (for some reason) like killing Teemo, with this build, you can stay alive (and die) while your teammates wipe out most of them.

Your poison is going to be what does a lot of the damage. (along with your blinding dart)

Don't be stupid. (know your limits)

You can cloak (which is awesome because you could wait and pop out or teleport back and in 4 seconds, be invisible)(also good sentry )

Having blinding dart and exhaust allow you to escape and blind attackers while you sponge up all the damage.

If they are all AP, adjust.

You are like a tank with wheels. (not like Rammus lol)

You might think this is stupid or doesn't work, but it works for me.
I just thought I would share with the community what I found out to be good for me.

tl;dr: Think outside of the box and don't knock it till you try it.

(I suck with Sivir)

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Junior Member


Well sounds...interesting but i wont say anything else until i really try it. After all it does seem like it works for you

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Junior Member


over-all a good build (i tried it lmfao) the fact that most teams would FF's you for being teemo, it works very well, only thing is it doesnt work as good as using a normal tank since you dont get def bonus's like a normal tank does, but over-all its a pretty good build, hope the community tries it out.

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Senior Member


If you can make it work then I'm pretty sure any decent player can make it work. I'd say get leviathan if you're getting some kills and a lot of assists and you're not dying. I'd say that's a way to go.

Pretty good build Kenjum. :]

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Senior Member


I feel like this would probably do pretty well in normal games, but, much like my entirely-tank Kat build, wouldn't do enough damage for you to actually be targeted first. The thing about teemo is that you are a dps class. If you build tank, you get rid of all your DPS, and you're not squishy, thus in team fights, when people notice that teemo has 5k health, they know he's not doing enough damage to be a threat, and you don't get focused till the rest of your team is dead.

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Senior Member


1. You're doing absolutely nothing that a normal Teemo would not be doing. Only you're way less effective because you sacrificed putting any points into a stat that backs it straight into defenses.

2. Nobody has any reason to attack you.

3. A build that relies entirely on players being caught off guard once will only work once at the very most. And your chances of that against good players are less than 30%.

Just some points to think about.

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Junior Member


Might work at 5v5, but I prefer having Cho, Morde, Mundo or Shen at 3v3.

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Worlds Worst Lee

Junior Member


worked great