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Fizz's itch for a fight

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Fizz's itch for a fight.

It was a bring sunny day, when this thing
walked down the streets in Bilgewater.
He was clearly itching for a fight, trident
in one hand and his fin in a fist in another.
As Gangplank approached him, Fizz smelt
the booze on his breath, and knew that
he would crave his adrenaline. As Gangplank
picked his gun out of his holster he was
shooting to kill. But Fizz quickly jumped
on his trident. It was blazing fast that even
Gangplank was set aghast. As the bullet cut
through where Fizz's heart had been,
Gangplank didn't move quick enough, as a
quick strike was delivered straight into
Gangplank's arm, clearly Fizz was trying to
make the fight go on. As Gangplank cursed Fizz
under his breath, he ate oranges and it was
K. Fizz was just starting to have fun when he
heard the shout from Fortune. He saw her hand
cannons aimed at both of them and knew
he'd have to be quick to disarm her. He decided
to surrender and hear this lady out. When she
explained that Gangplank was to drunk to
understand what was going on, which
Fizz had known, he pretends to be surprised.
Which he was, if Gangplank could hit his
heart, or where it was while drunk, when
he's sober he didn't want to even know what
his powers were. "What do you want Fortune?"
asked Fizz, knowing his spar had been disabled.
"You shouldn't kill a worthy ally," Fortune
calmly replied. "There's a war coming from
Demacia and we need as much fighters
as possible," Fortune explained. Which
Fizz wasn't aware of. "Well, he's a drunken
******!" Shouted back Fizz, trying to justiy
what he had done. Fizz almost instantly felt a
unknown force disarm him, quickly realizing
Gangplank had hit his trident from a 20 yard
distance shocked him. "Gangplank wasn't
drunk Fizz," Said Fortune watching the trident
get thrown to the ground. "The beer you smelt
is the fact he doesn't clean his teeth," said Fortune.
Fizz scowls hearing the fact that Gangplank
is a wonderful shot and that he could've died.
But then he watches a beam smash through
the air around them and the three instantly
jump back, knowing the demacians had arrived.
Fizz see's three figures appear and recognizes
them from his battles on the fields of justice.
Garen, Lux, and Jarvan the Fourth. Fizz
instantly comes back to reality and raises
his trident in defense, knowing of the dangers
that would await being unarmed. He quickly
realizes the others realized the same. Shocked,
Fizz realizes that Gangplank and Fortune had
already started fighting, leaving him to deal
with Garen. Garen starts running at Fizz,
but he was ready for it. Fizz dashes into Garen
with his trident out and see's a smash of
blood around him, not believing Garen was dead,
he stabs the neck of Garen and hears a loud
cry of pain, a girl voice. He turns and see's
Fortune on the ground and a magical sphere
flying her way. Fizz runs but hears Fortune cry out.
"No Fizz, let me die!" shouts out Fortune,
knowing that her end was long overdue.
But Fizz, who loved her at first sight knew
that if she died, he wouldn't be able to go on
living, so he took the blunt of the magic damage.
He quickly finishes off Lux, and see's that Jarvan
has taken the same fate.