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Forgotten Past, Unforgiving Future Part 2

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Protect Your ADC

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Chapter 6
Pupil to Pupil

Zeal blocked a sword from an assassin and swept him off his feet. Katarina carried the package in her arms as Talon kept the assassins from attacking her. Zeal threw a knife and impaled a man in the back as Talon cut him in the gut. Zeal appeared behind another and stabbed a knife into his side and another into his jugular. He jumped back and put a dagger in each hand from his belt.
The assassin had the same and ran at Zeal. Zeal blocked the first blade then the next. He ducked as the third strike swept over his head and lunged forward. The man moved to the side and Zeal kicked off of him before his dagger could be brought down. The man kept on Zeal, lashing out with furious attacks and blows.
Zeal threw a dagger, missed, and rearmed himself. He stepped back as the man lashed out again and Zeal threw his knife. The knife hit the man in the shoulder and he backed up. Zeal whipped a string of wire out with a blade attached to the end. The wire wrapped around the man’s hand and Zeal pulled and tightened it. The wire dug into the man’s wrist and blood poured from it.
Zeal charged forward as the man struggled in pan and jabbed him in the neck, above the chainmail he wore under his clothes. Zeal let out a sigh of relief. Around them bodies covered the ground, seven to be exact. Blood stained the grass and Talon and Zeal began to take any blades from the corpses.
Katarina watched them as they did and Zeal stared up at her curiosity. He offered two blades to her which she hesitantly took but thanked him. “So why send you as our correspondent,” Zeal asked as they continued on.
“Well, my father wants me to have some training.”
“I seem to have a fascination with blades and my father wants to take advantage of that so he’s sending me to train with a bunch of ‘masters’ who could teach me. Your father so happened to be one of them.” Sounded about right. Many clans and guilds had sent assassinations and bounties on both Zeal and Talon but none had succeeded. Talon had constantly said that it was only a matter of time that the Noxian army turned on them but until that day they would continue as they had.
Zeal actually did not think that working for the Noxians would be terrible but Talon just hated that their government was actually a flaw. Though powerful the Noxians had no unity in them. It was all for themselves and the actual ‘unity’ was the belief in destroying the Demacians. Zeal believed that Talon was just trying to get by as easily as he could without any hassle, even though he continued to make it for himself.
Half way to the city Talon led them down a separate dirt road leading to another town. It was small and not really of much importance other than a trading post. Talon told Zeal to watch over Katarina and handed him a small pouch with coins in it. Zeal took Katarina to a nearby stand and bought some sweets for both of them. After finishing Zeal went back to where they had left Talon but again Talon sent them off. Zeal thought it would be a good time to teach Katarina about using her new weapons.
She actually did know a good amount of them; basic stances, attacks, and so forth but unless Zeal taught her a few tricks she would only be a good fighter, and soon dead. “Here.” Zeal tossed her a small blue crystal. “It’s a mana crystal,” Zeal explained before Katarina could ask. “Mages use them to cast spells. We’ve found a few tricks with them ourselves.” Zeal walked further away, about ten feet, as Katarina looked over the crystal.
“So you use spells too?” She looked up at Zeal, blinked, and found him an inch from her. She instinctively stepped back and put her hand on her blade. “Is that one of your spells?”
“Yes, and you are going to learn it… Mana crystals need time to recharge. This…” Zeal wrapped a bracelet around her left hand. “Will monitor the amount you have. The ticks are the amount of spells you can currently cast. When the blue bar disappears you can no longer cast spells and will have to wait to recharge or get a potion. Now, first spell.” Zeal told Katarina to step back and released a volley of blades which spun out and back to him.
Katarina smiled. “To do that first you will need some new blades…” Zeal took hers. He chipped at the hilt until it was hollow. He inserted a blue bar that’s end stuck out. “Hold still.” Zeal put a small ring above Katarina’s breast and stabbed the bar into it.
“Ow!” Zeal shrugged and broke off the end and handed it back to her. Katarina threw her blade at the tree in front of them and hit it. Instead of it retracting it hit the tree then bounced to another and stuck into the wood. Zeal scratched his head and looked down at her. She was staring at the tree but was disappointed that it had not returned.
“Nice job,” Zeal said.
“It didn’t come back…”
“Doesn’t have to.” Zeal grabbed it and took it back to her. “You bounced a blade from a non-living object to another. Now we’ll just have to test it in combat. Look at your bar.” The bar had dropped down a tick but was slowly regenerating. “Okay so now I’m going to teach you how to jump like I did earlier.” Zeal knelt down and sketched a small design into the dirt. “Take a good look and remember this ‘cause this is the only time I’m going to show you it.”
“Got it.” Zeal covered the design and they went back into the town. Zeal bought a small pack of paint and took Katarina into an alley
“Again, hold still because this will hurt… In fact.” Zeal punched Katarina.