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[Guide] The rats rules; a guide to Twitch too

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Machina Ex Domin

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The rats rules; a guide to Twitch too: is a semi-guide to the world that is Twitch the Plague Rat. Happy reading!

I. Enter the Rat
II: The rules of the Rat
III: The skills of the Rat
IV: Your Rat and you. or; how to choose summoner spells
V: Mastery: only one choice
VI: The Rats shopping list
VII: Disclaimer

I; Enter the Rat:

Twitch is one heck of a damage dealer hands down. He stealth's, attacks quickly, slows, DoT's and bursts all rolled into one little furry ball of death and insanity. He is not one to be messed with, and is priced highly for a good reason. A plague rat with a crossbow, ambitions, and bling. He is not one to be taken lightly, ever.

But before this guide even begins with items and the such. There are rules to the rat that should always be obeyed.

II: The rules of the Rat:

The first rule of fight club is that you don't talk about fight club! Naw i'm just kiddin yah. The real first rule is that the rat rules, he is the lord of awesome and there are no exceptions. No rule supersedes this other then the second rule.

The second rule is that the rat is a creature of survival, and this should be reflected in how you play with twitch. Thus your personal safety is on top of the list. This doesn't mean never help your team-mates, just always think "If i do this, will i get killed for it" Death for twitch is never a good thing, no matter how much of the enemy you take with you or how much of your team you save survival is always your goal.

The third rule is that the rat likes his diseases, this should be reflected in your items. Twitch hits the fastest in the game period, meaning all of those on-hit items like Madreds, Wits end, Black Cleaver and the such are going off like a Prozac induced hamster running in a ball. These items are your friends, always have at least one of them in your builds at all times.

The fourth rule is that the rat likes to hit, run, and hide, but not always in that order. Twitch can hit impressively hard if stacking items correctly, but nothing beats harassing the heck out of the enemy. The rat likes to move fast, poke a few times, and then book it before he becomes a target.

The fifth rule is that the rat likes the brood. Your team makes the rat stronger or weaker depending, don't let your team get too weak. Gank, scout, and just be the nastiest rat you can to ensure that your team stays strong.

The sixth rule is that a lone rat can quickly become a dead rat. Twitch is a mean little fur-ball, but he is not the healthiest either. Late-mid game and on-ward your enemies will wise up and start laying traps, wards, and buying oracles in hopes to silencing your disease, and this is never a good thing. If you think the enemy has wizened up to your sneaky ways stay close to at least one team-mate. It keeps you safe and tricks them into attacking a lone target if your stealthed.

The seventh rule (it really should be the third but the Union of Mice and Rats put it here instead) is that as mentioned above that the rat likes to hide. If you have to be out in the open make sure it's not too often, an exposed rat can quickly become the target of attention. So confuse your enemies, pop out from weird places, do your best to be unpredictable!

The Eighth and final rule is that the rat likes to strike from behind. Other then Eve and Teemo, Twitch has one of the longest stealths in the game, making ganks against the enemy more about positioning and timing then who out-numbers who. A well timed strike from the back can quickly cut off an escape route of a target, and making your(and team-mates) job of killing the marks all the easier. Take advantage of this.

Now that the rules are out of the way we can discuss the prowess that is the rat and his abilities!

III: The skills of the Rat:

Deadly Venom (passive): Twitches attacks infect targets with this toxin, causing damage over 8 seconds, and stacking up to 6 times. It starts at 2 damage, then goes up by increments of 2 and maxing out at 8 damage. At 6 stacks and max level this does 48 damage a second for 8 seconds. Impressive for a passive, especially since all you have to do to use it is shoot the enemies! remember that every attack not only adds a stack but also refreshes the timer. A well placed shot (or morons who don't know any better) every few seconds will have their health slowly ticking away. Two of your abilities revolve around this so abuse it!

Ambush: After 1.25 seconds when you cast this, you become stealthed for a set amount of time (20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 seconds). And when you attack something, you become unstealthed and gain attack speed (20%/30%/40%/50%/60%) for up to 10 seconds depending on how long twitch was hidden. This lets you scout, attack viciously, and in skilled hands escape. It's low cost of 60 mana, and low cool-down of 11 seconds after coming out of stealth make it one effective tool over-all. Use and abuse. Remember though that if you take damage before your stealthed the fade timer (the 1.25 seconds) refreshes! so take great care in avoiding getting hit!

Debilitating Poison: This slows all champions that are near you (it really should have a range circle like most abilities do but the head cheese in Riot wants the rats players to think) It slows for 30% base, and 6% more for each stack of venom, adding up to a grand total of 66% slow. It's durration is effected by it's level (2.5/3.25/4/4.75/5.25 seconds). Your enemies don't need to be poisoned for this to work, making escape and attack for you and your team all the easier. It costs 80 mana to pop some slow poison into everyone close, and a cool-down of 10 seconds lets you abuse it quite often.

Expunge: A personal favorite of this rat, and overlooked by others. Expunge is a magic-damage nuke that effects all enemies with venom stacks near you (The same range as debilitating, the head cheese really wants the rat to think!) It costs 90 mana to cast, and a 8 second cool-down make it quite abusable, on top of it's 1:1 ability power ratio make it devastating. Most will think otherwise but here is some slight math. it does 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 damage base, and adds 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 extra damage per venom stack, at six stacks and at level five that's 510 magic damage. Makes cutting off enemy escapes all the easier. The only downside is that this devastating nuke consumes all of the venom stacks in the process, so make sure you use it when it's most effective!

Spray and Pray (Ultimate): The rat gets extra attack speed and extended range with his attacks for 7 seconds, seems cool at first but it gets better. These ranged attacks are missiles that punch through anything and everything in their path, applying venom stacks, your full damage and any item effects you have to everything in the shots wake. The only downside is that you have a lot less accuracy while this is active. Use of spray and pray can be very vital in team battles, if your going to use it, make sure it does the most damage it can. 40 / 60 / 80%on a 105 / 90 / 75 second cool-down for 150 mana. Use wisely.

Now comes something just as important, what YOU bring to the table for the rat

IV: Your Rat and you. or; how to choose summoner spells:

I'm not gonna list all the spells and how they do or don't work with the Rat, I'm just gonna list what works with Twitch.

Ghost: This lets you get in, to, and out of fights, ganks, and foxholes for hiding. This plays with the rats strengths. Keep this in mind though if you have speed givers (Kayle and Zin for example) on your team Ghost isn't a high priority.

Cleanse: This will save your tail, and thus it pleases the rat. If your in ranked play and see that the enemy team has some nasty disables (or in normal play and aren't confident in your ability to get away/not be a target) then this is the spell for you!

Exhaust: you may have a slow already, but exhaust for the rat serves a dual purpose. If your masteries are offensive then you have the armor reduction on exhaust, letting you cut through any defenses the enemy may have. And it blinds them so that you can freely attack without being attacked back, or get away to save your tail.

Ignite: This is your solution to those pesky healers and regenerators on the enemy team, offense mastery gives you 10 ap while it's on cool-down so that's more damage on expunge (always a welcome bonus)

V: Mastery: only one choice:

If your choosing to play the rat, that means your here to hurt stuff, not take damage or any of those other things other champions not as awesome as the rat does. So it's only so that you must be offense mastery focused. 21/0/9 is the way to go.

VI: The Rats shopping list:

Now when come to the Items, I won't list what to get in what order. these are just what you should aim for in the end.

There are two items that should be universal in all builds

Boots of Mobility: this lets the rat do his jobs faster!. so stop looking at those berserker greeves, and don't even THINK about those ninja tabi or any other boots, these are THE ONLY boots that the rat should ever have.

Sword of the Occult: You get attack damage per kill/assist, and at maximum stacks you get extra move-speed? If you don't get this you are a bad rat. You may loose 1/3rd of the stacks on death, but if your skilled enough and follow the rules of the rat that won't happen (or hopefully very little)

Any other item bellow just adds to the awesome that is the rat, so pick and choose at your discretion/team/opponents

Guinsoo's Rageblade: Attack damage, AP for expunge, and ap/attack speed per attack capping at 8 stacks. This lets the rat get his venom stacks up faster, always a good thing

Infinity Edge: one of the B.F.S.-three, massive damage, crit, and increases your crit damage, if you can get it go for it!

Last whisper: low attack damage boost with a high attack speed boost, what makes this attractive is that your attacks ignore 40% of your opponents armor, letting you shred right through their defences!

The Bloodthirster: another one of the B.F.S.-three, damage and life-steal, and you get more damage and lifesteal per kill (creep/monster/champion doesn't matter) nice little bonus to the rat that likes to hit as hard as he can

Tiamat: It doesn't look like much at first, but combined with the rats ult this items unique effect fires off on every target it hits, punishing those enemies who cluster together and paving you and your teams way to victory.

And finally bellow are the rats coveted items, not as important as the boots and occult sword, but more-so then the items above. These items revolve around the disease aspect of the rat, and the rat likes that

The Black Cleaver: second of the B.F.S.-three, damage and reduces enemy armor on hit! This is one of the favorites of the rat when facing heavy armored foes.

Wit's End: Attack speed and magic resist to help defend against those clean caster-types. But what makes it deadly is that this disease weapon saps mana from your foes, a good counter to those pesky casters of all types.

Madred's Bloodrazors: Damage, attack speed, and armor, not much at first but the disease part of this bad-boy shines with twitch. Each hit adds 4% of the targets max health as magic damage. Hurting those pesky tanks and enemies with health to spare.

Malady: Many people say that Malady on Twitch is a bad idea, but the rat knows better. On the surface attack speed and life-steal on the fastest attacking hero looks bad but it's the disease that once again makes this item wonderful. Every hit causes the target to take 5 more damage from any champion attack (stacking up to 30 bonus damage) it has the same duration as your venom, and it lets not only you but your team as well to hit harder. Don't be fooled by those that say Malady is a horrid item, the rat knows better then they do.

VII: Disclaimer:

This guide does not guarantee victory, it does not guide you (the summoner) to a cookie cutter build of the rat. This guide was created so that you (the summoner) have a good idea of what the rat is capable of. This guide is intended to let you (the summoner) decide how you wish to be with the rat.

This disclaimer was brought to you buy the UMR (Union of Mice and Rats)

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thanks for the guide; I just bought the rat and am <3'ing him. great writeup!

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The second rule is that the rat is a creature of survival, and this should be reflected in how you play with twitch. Thus your personal safety is on top of the list. This doesn't mean never help your team-mates, just always think "If i do this, will i get killed for it" Death for twitch is never a good thing, no matter how much of the enemy you take with you or how much of your team you save survival is always your goal.

If you aren't supporting your team, they won't support you which you MUST have ion order to do well. This paragraph is not a concept that exists for any champ.

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You forgot flash in summoner spells it is a MUST have for Twitch as it gives you substantial flexibility. It's 1000x better than ghost.

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Malaldy, Tiamat, SotO, rageblade, Wits end are bad items.

Bloodthirster is an end game bonus item.