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Ziggs - League Judgement

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Buzzing with anticipation from head to toe, and the pack on his back bulging to nearly his own size, full of various explosives, Ziggs walked up to the grand doors to the judgement hall.

The words scrawled across the grand entrance held no interest for the devilish yordle, and as the door swung open he only analyzed it's thickness, composition, and debating whether he would need to compensate for potential magical defenses if he desired to one day tear down this wall.


As Ziggs walked into what he was sure to be a rather boring series of events, he soon found himself within the Yordle Academy.

"Are you ready to present your newest...creation?" Three professors sat at desks across from Ziggs, each with a pair of spectacles that nearly doubled the size of their eyes, and pieces of paper to take notes on his invention.

Wickedly grinning Ziggs reached around behind him to find that his bag of explosives was no longer with him. The only thing present he could call his was his failed explosive invention "The Crater Creator" who's explosive power was slightly unstable, and larger than he had expected. The version he had brought was supposed to be a weaker prototype, but if memory served him correctly, it might as well been a defective finished version.

He bit his lip, the explosion from the past had ruined his initial impression, and he wondered if he could change that future, and impress them on his first try.

Then he remembered the intruders...the kidnappers who had appeared within the academy to kidnap the very professors who had turned him down. The adrenaline rush of destroying what had initially appeared to be an impenetrable wall. Fear of him had spread through the complex, as the smell of gunpowder and the heat of flame spread through their halls.

With a face of near insanity, he nodded politely and activated the explosive, moving back from the radius. As the fuse neared the inside of the bomb a small puff of smoke came out. The professors frowned, but Ziggs raised his hands to his ears. A spark appeared and rocketed the device towards the nearest wall, and upon impact...

Nothing happened. Before the bomb had hit the wall it had turned to a mist. The professors looked displeased and they spoke at once.

"Why do you wish to join the League?" The question caught him off guard. He was still in confusion as to the whereabouts of his invention.

"To...watch my creations at work." Was all he could muster. He was without his explosives and being questioned, with no way out of the room. Madly analyzing the structure of the room detailing every weak point, and how to easily punch a hole through it.

"But what about us? You risked life and limb to rescue us, and we gave you a position at the Academy. Why then, is it you want to fight in such conditions. You could do..." Cut off by a slightly mad cackle, Ziggs faced the now lone professor with a frightening expression.

"You...Do you think I destroyed that prison to save you?" His glare penetrated the professor, who seemed to almost tremble. "No...I destroyed that prison for the adreneline rush that the chaos provides. The flames of war, The smell of gunpowder, and to watch the world crumble from my brilliance. I can destroy...everything as much as I want...without consequence."

Ziggs truely was a madman, and this seemed to be his outlet.

"How does it feel exposing your mind?" The robed summoner stood before the Yordle, slowly stepping backwards and disappearing as the doors of the League opened before him.

Ziggs did not respond as he left the Institute. As soon as the doors had begun to swing open, he was already analyzing every weakness he could find.

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Sarkan of Arkham

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Yep, that's Ziggs for you.

A bit short, but otherwise spot on.

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Oh Ziggs; you so crazy. :3