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Just a little bug.

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I'm not really crying or complaining because it's only happened once and it was kind of funny.
I play pantheon and you guys know that my passive allows me to block a enemy incoming attack. Well my shield was up and it blocked a G.P parrrley and I threw my spear to get the kill.... well it bugged and G.P was able to block the spear. It was actually pretty funny I just hope that you guys will look into it. Thank you!

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Interesting. I recall something similar happening to me a few days ago play Pantheon. Nocturne was solo top and I chased him back to his turret and he threw his dark hands at me (idk what the spell is called). I blocked it, threw a spear, made contact (heard the sound), and no damage... He didn't have Hourglass and I asked how he survived.

His reply, "Health pot."


Maybe this is a bug. But, it's in the wrong section I believe.

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