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Every Scrim I See CLG Lose Seems To Be Doublelift

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Super Explosion

Senior Member


Does not buy immediately after baron, unprepared when team pushing mid. (Huge.)
Argues with team about it.

Face checks Dragon bush on the AD carry, gets caught, ruins team position. (Huge.)
Argues with team about it, saying "I wasn't scared", implys that the play was 'fine' because his team saved him.

Gives up free dragon bot lane in first Crs scrim.
HotshotGG has to argue with him about it.

Jiji catches Kogmaw out of position, Double uses cait ult on him instead of pursuing and autoattacking, jiji dies.

Farming when team positioning to contest Baron. I'm sure you all heard the screaming on that one.

STILL does not lay traps to defend towers. STILL.

Thinks picking Galio in a Sona/Graves/Rumble teamcomp is a "huge mistake".
It certainly isn't, wasn't, and won them the game.

Didn't HIT TAB to see that his lane opponents had Exhaust. Goes all in, dies.
Claims he "didn't expect the Exhaust". That's the wrong answer. The right answer is "I should have HIT TAB."

The biggest problem is as I said in the first post-- he just doesn't seem to care about improving his play to the level it needs to be to ensure consistent wins.

It's important to state that he's not playing poorly because his team is annoyed with him, it's the other way around.
He's playing poorly, and worse, arguing over very obvious gameplay mistakes: that attitude is causing the "rage", genuine irritation that this person they're trying to work with to improve will constantly fling excuses, arguments and shift blame (mostly to saintvicious) no matter what happened.