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Trying to decide on more fics to write using some of my Champion Concepts

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I'm sure a few of you have had a good look at my Plagueis fic (either "The Dragon's Wrath" or "The Dragon of Desolation", they're both the same but tied to different smurfs). In actuality, that wasn't the first fic I thought to make; I have a few other fanfics on the drawing board right now, but I'm wondering whether to be writing any of them at the same time as my Plagueis one. Multitasking that could prove difficult considering my other priorities (i.e. university, maintaining my Champion Concepts, other discussions on the forums, etc.)

As such, I wanted your opinions on whether I should stick to writing just the Plagueis fic for now, or if I should try to write more than one at a time. And if I should be writing more than one at a time, which of the following you might want to see the most.

These are the fanfic plots I currently have in the brainstorming phase. Note that these plot blurbs may be subject to changing, and are just meant to give a very basic idea of what the story could be about (I may change details, but I'll try to provide as many as possible). Also, they'll be listing the OC I'll be using; each one is from my Champion Concepts (I'll post up links to said concepts if asked).

Need for Speed
OC: Cath, the Swift Thief

A territorial waters dispute between Ionia and Bilgewater has been brought to the Institute of War, to be settled on the Crystal Scar. But shortly before the match is to begin, Akali, who is meant to fight for the Ionians, is poisoned and left unable to participate. With a number of Ionia's other Champions preoccupied with other matters, High Councilor Vessaria provides the Ionians with a last-minute replacement: the young, plucky and lightning fast Cath. Can this young rogue turn the tables in Ionia's favor, or is her first League match going to spell disaster instead?

Match Type: Dominion
Factions: Ionia versus Bilgewater
Ionians: Karma (leader), Kennen, Udyr, Caitlyn, Cath
Bilgewater: Gangplank (leader), Miss Fortune, Fizz, Rumble, Renekton

A Fight for Family
OC: Rydia, the Dream Sylph

An anonymous tip reveals that the Zaunites are holding an important Faerie in their clutches: Luna, Rydia’s stepsister. Rydia pleads for the Zaunites to release her, but they instead make it a League matter. The stakes? If Rydia loses against the Zaun team, her life will be forfeit, as well as Luna’s!

Match Type: Classic
Factions: Ionia versus Zaun
Ionians: Rydia (leader), Soraka, Master Yi, Alistar, Wukong
Zaunites: Singed (leader), Cho’Gath, Twitch, Veigar, Shaco

A Kingdom Awaits
OC: Kaguya, the Lunar Princess

Shortly after her initiation into the League, the Lunar Princess Kaguya makes a bold challenge: she will face five other Champions alone on the Proving Grounds and will defeat them all! Can the immortal swordmistress back up her boasts with her blade Zangetsu, or is she destined to lose?

Match Type: Custom 1v5, Proving Grounds
Kaguya's Opponents: Xin Zhao, Nasus, Lee Sin, Wukong, Master Yi
NOTES: Kaguya is to fight each opponent one after the other in succession, until she either defeats them all or is defeated.

Balance in all things?
OC: Mikoto, the Shrine Maiden

It’s an Ionian problem when the Kinkou challenge one of the League’s newest entrants to battle: Mikoto, the Shrine Maiden. A veritable sea of chaos and balance, Mikoto is a powerful new Champion, but the Kinkou are determined to subdue her to maintain the balance of Runeterra. Who is right in this conflict? And who will win?

Match Type: Classic 3v3 (Twisted Treeline)
Mikoto's Team: Mikoto (leader), Irelia, Udyr
Kinkou Team: Shen (leader), Kennen, Akali

These are the ones I presently have in mind, but I might think of more later on that star my Champions.

So, do you wish to see me write any of these relatively soon? Or should I just concentrate on my Plagueis fic for now?